Monday, January 18th, 2010
After two years of meticulous research and web development, was officially launched in Sydney on 1 January 2010. This comprehensive website acts as a useful portal for busy Australian women, showing them the very best Australian online shopping sites and information websites.

The extensive and informative guide to Australia's best and most relevant websites
was created to help time-poor women find quality products, information and services quickly and easily.

Its launch was the culmination of two years of labour by former high school teacher Veronica Ryan.

“Over the past few years, I have visited and revisited many thousands of Australian websites and have handpicked hundreds of the very best to be included in the HelpMeSis website,” said Ms Ryan. “I have chosen these websites for their overall quality, integrity and security and their usefulness and relevance to Australian women,” she said.

The website listings and reviews have been organised into logical categories. Along with a logo, name, link to the site and description of products and services, Ms Ryan has also included practical details such as each company's ABN and shipping information for shopping websites.

“To have all this information available on one website means women no longer need to visit dozens of individual websites first to find out exactly what they offer and whether they provide online shopping and Australia-wide shipping. They can compare all of this on the HelpMeSis website and only visit the most relevant website, saving them a great deal of time,” said Ms Ryan.

The manual selection process for included websites, together with the navigational simplicity of the portal, its sheer comprehensiveness, detailed information and overall relevance to Australian women, sets HelpMeSis apart from other online directories.

In addition to Australian shopping websites, the HelpMeSis portal also includes a number of themed information sections. A 'Green Guide' offers a great deal of information about green products and services and links to quality businesses that sell natural Australian organic products. The 'Useful Information' section provides answers to many common queries Australian women have. A complete 'Parenting' and baby shopping section gives links to Australian stores specialising in quality parenting & baby products and to sites offering expert information and advice for parents.

Other noteworthy sections on the HelpMeSis website include a 'Health and Fitness' section and a 'Leisure' section, which offers links to websites providing What's On information for all Australian capital cities and the Gold Coast. The site further features a blog spot and people can sign up to receive an informative monthly HelpMeSis newsletter.

Men needn't feel left out either, as Ms Ryan has also launched a 'brother' site, aptly named where men can shop online at the best Australian online shopping sites. This guys-only site has many of the features of the women's site but has been styled for men and doesn't include any of the 'girly' content.
To find out more, please visit the HelpMeSis and HelpMeBro websites.
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Helpmesis Online Directory & Information Service

Helpmesis Online Directory and Information Service is an Australian owned company whose owner, Veronica Ryan, created the HelpMeSis and HelpMeBro Australian online shopping and information portals.
Veronica Ryan
P: 02 66540385
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Brand new website featuring the very best Australian online shopping sites and information websites.


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