Friday, December 21st, 2012
Every business uses signs, but not all businesses get the customers they need. Your signs need to get attention. You won’t get that attention if you don’t try something new. You may have old-fashioned ideas about signs. You can update the look of your business by using new types of signs. Some signs even let you change your message and your appearance as often as you want to.

You don’t have to be creative to come up with new ways to advertise yourself. At Sign-A-Rama, we do all the creating for you. A few simple tips will help you find ways to get that attention and make your business look professional and prosperous.

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1. Use digital graphics. All you have to do is bring in your logo, drawing, message or design and you can have it made into a polished sign. Graphics get attention. You must remember that people see signs all the time, so an interesting image that is professionally done can help people to notice you.

2. Try car wraps. You can make your vehicle stand out with a car wrap. We can encourage people to remember your car with a whimsical, unique design that turns it into a rolling sign that advertises your business wherever you go.

3. Take your message to the street. A-frames put your advertising message right on the sidewalk. You can change your message often and move it to wherever you need it.

4. Think about illumination. Illuminated signs can get the attention that unlighted signs never get. We can build these signs so that they are illuminated from the inside, so your message will glow.

5. Use banners for special announcements. You can place a banner over your old sign, or put it somewhere that doesn’t have a sign. Use these to announce sales, specials or new products. When you put up banners, North Brisbane will remember you.

Try thinking in new ways when you think about your signs. By trying new approaches, you show everyone that you are growing. In North Brisbane, Sign-A-Rama can make your idea into a sign that will improve your sales and make your company memorable.


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