Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something that has never been done before?
Could you even consider being a world record holder?

Do you want to challenge yourself whilst putting a little excitement back into your life?

Welcome to The Sydney Skinny. We are thrilled to announce the world’s first nude ocean swim is coming to Sydney in February 2013.

The Sydney Skinny aims to offer the community an annual joyous and exhilarating event where clothes, constraints, inhibitions and fears are left on the sand in the hope that by getting a little out of your comfort zone for a gentle 900m swim in one of the beautiful places in the world – Sydney!

We know many people are weighed down by the pressure of unrealistic expectations of themselves, their lives and of their bodies. These unrealistic and somewhat dangerous modern life pressures are taking a toll on our relationships and our enjoyment and fulfilment of the lives we lead. This must stop!

The Sydney Skinny aims to not only provide the community with a celebration of life, but also aims to raise awareness and funds to support a rejuvenation project which would see the connection of tracks and walkways around the headland. This project will open up the area allowing visitors to enjoy the incredible views from the various spectacular vantage points throughout the headland.

We are proud to announce that nudie is The Sydney Skinny’s presenting partner for our inaugural event. We know it’s a great name fit… but we love that nudie are about convenient, tasty & natural juices!
Chief nudie James Ajaka says "As a 100% Australian owned business we are proud to be partnering with the Sydney Skinny for this event, not only to raise money for a great cause - but also to celebrate our 10th Birthday. nudie is all about 'nothing but fruit, having some fun & doing some good', which makes the Sydney Skinny is the perfect event for us".

We are thrilled to have nudie’s support as 2013 and look forward to helping them celebrate their 10th b’day!

The Sydney Skinny is passionate about building a positive and supportive event where people will not only feel a little better about themselves but enjoy one of Sydney’s most idyllic and beautiful National Park’s. This area is a part of the beautiful Sydney Harbour National Park, an incredibly historic and beautiful part of our coastline which needs a little love...

This Sydney Skinny is for anyone who wants to break free of the shackles of social expectation and manipulation and wants to go for a lovely 900m swim in one of the world’s most picturesque locations. If swimming is not your thing, please still join us on the day for The Sydney Skinny festival showcasing and celebrating a beautiful part of our environment… you never know you may just change your mind and want to join in the swim – stranger have happened right?

Our founder, renowned public speaker, author and CEO, Nigel Marsh believes “Sydney is the best city in the world” and that “one of the many things that make Sydney so very special is the amazing ability the city has to host joyous communal events - not just one offs like the fabulous Sydney Olympics but annual events such as Sculptures by the Sea, the City to Surf road race, the New Year fireworks or the Bondi to Bronte ocean race. It just seems obvious to me that there needs to be a nude swim on that list...".

The Sydney Skinny, presented by nudie, is an opportunity for you to do something a little adventurous and will provide you with heaps to talk about for years to come. So join us from 9am on Sunday 17th February 2013 at Cobblers Beach Middle Head National Park.

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The Sydney Skinny Pty Ltd

The Sydney Skinny Pty Ltd is owned by founder of the event, Nigel Marsh, CEO, renowned public speaker, auther and co-founder of Earth Hour.

Nigel's hopes for The Sydney Skinny are that the annual event, enables to wider community to celebrate and appreciate the beautiful environment which they are so fortunate to enjoy.

The Sydney Skinny encourages people from all walks of life are able to leave their stresses and concerns on the sand for a cheeky and exhilarating dash for the water, with a gentle 900m swim to build a sense of accomplishment and pure enjoyment for all.

Kate Hughes
P: +612 9011 7911
M: +61450199899
W: www.thesydneyskinny.com.au

Stephen Ford

P: +61290117911


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