Thursday, December 13th, 2012
The business end of “InsureMyRide The Ultimate Rider” has arrived with a bang! Four of our seven rookies were knocked out of the competition last week, with Glenn, Alex and Sam heading through to the Grand Finale after strong performances on the track.

Over the past six weeks Moto GP legend Daryl Beattie and Team Honda Racing boss Paul Free have put the contestants through the ringer in a series of demanding challenges.

Week one saw a simple reward challenge with ex-postie Sam receiving some much sought after one on one time with mentors Daryl and Paul.

Dirt bike virgin Daniel was a fish out of water in week two’s off road tests.

The third week of competition saw Alex use his international racing experience and claw his way from fifth to third, while shy Kyle suffered a bout of homesickness.

Then, in week four reckless Mitch came unstuck in a fuel economy Points Challenge.

In week five’s physically demanding fitness challenge, Glenn and Mitch pushed through the pain, while a completely exhausted Brody collapsed.

Week six saw Glenn and then Daniel crash out in a chicanes Points Challenge - luckily both boys came away relatively unscathed.

And finally, week seven during a tense debrief session saw Daniel, Kyle, Mitch and a shocked Brody get knocked out once and for all. And it was revealed the finalists Alex, Glenn and Sam now have the opportunity to put what they’ve learnt into action in the Grand Finale.

After consistently placing first in the Points Challenges and leading the competition for most of the show, Brody was a hot favourite to win. After narrowly missing out on his chance to compete for the $20,000 and a contract with Team Honda Racing last week, he couldn’t help but show his surprise.

“Nah, first off the rank, so I sort of had to set the benchmark, all the boys sitting in the truck listening, so I had a fair few points up my sleeve, I just tried to cruise around, just stay on the bike, was pretty slippery, but nah I had a lot left in the tank and pretty disappointed,” Brody said.

Our rookie’s have learnt the hard way there’s more to being a superbike champion than just riding a bike. After seven weeks of tense competition and challenges the enormity of the prize is sinking in for 21 year old Glenn.

“To win The Ultimate Rider would be an unbelievable achievement for me, and it would mean so much in my career still to come,” a very happy Glenn said.

Although happy to be competing for the prize next week, shock finalist Sam couldn’t help but spare a thought for his fallen comrade Brody.

“I feel really bad for Brody…I don't know what he was thinking really. He should've gone out and gone hard like the rest of us, but um, yeah I feel bad for Brody, really. I'm quite surprised,” Sam said in disbelief.

With only one week to go and so much on the line, which rookie can hold his nerve and out perform the others? Who will come out on top?

Who will be The Ultimate Rider?

“InsureMyRide The Ultimate Rider” Grand Finale airs this Saturday at 6pm and is jointly produced by WTFN and The Media Mix.


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