Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
NEW automated, self-cleaning toilets, known as Exeloos, have been completed at Bardon Park in Maylands.

After a number of uses, the toilet, walls and floor are automatically cleaned with water and disinfectant and are then blow-dried on a regular basis.

The new toilets form part of the City of Bayswater’s toilet replacement and refurbishment program that started in 2004.

Similar self-cleaning toilets were installed in Bedford’s Grand Promenade Reserve and Bayswater’s Joan Rycroft Reserve in December 2008 and at the back of Maylands Library in August last year.

Two stand-alone Exeloos have now been added to Bardon Park, along with two retrofitted toilets, in a pavilion-style building, completed in late 2009.

Listed as a high priority for replacement, the new public toilets have numerous benefits including:
• A safe environment for users.
• Multiple safety systems.
• Access and facilities for people with disabilities.
• Vandal-resistant fixtures and surfaces.
• Monitored usage for statistical purposes.
• Automatic daily locking and unlocking.
• Automatic cleaning.

Bayswater Mayor Terry Kenyon said several other local governments, such as the Cities of Fremantle and Perth, had installed similar self-cleaning toilets.

“The existing toilet block at Bardon Park was subject to a certain amount of anti-social behaviour so, as part of the design process, the City looked at what other councils did when faced with problematic sites,” he said.

“Some people may initially be a little apprehensive about the high-tech nature of the new toilets, such as knowing which buttons to press and how the unit flushes – but they should not fear because they are given clear, easy prompts on how to use the toilet via an automated voice-over system when they enter.

“Given they are becoming more prevalent, many people will have used this style of toilet before and know they are much safer and more comfortable to use.

“This forms part of council’s overall strategy to improve public toilets, highlighting our ongoing commitment to make the City of Bayswater an even better place for the whole community.”

The Swan River Trust and WA Planning Commission gave final approvals for the Bardon Park toilet redevelopment in July last year.

bardon park toilets.jpeg: The new toilets at Bardon Park in Maylands.

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Recent developments in the City of Bayswater include the opening of the Galleria shopping centre in 1994, on the site of the old Boans building that burnt down in 1986. Morley is now the largest commercial district outside of Perth and Fremantle and further growth is expected.
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WA council highlights commitment to providing public toilets


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