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Leadership Management Australasia’s annual "Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Manager" list.

Managers who clearly communicate with their employees about their organisation’s performance and prospects head Leadership Management Australasia’s annual Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Manager list, as viewed by employees.

And honest feedback on personal performance is close behind, say employees.

The top three characteristics in fact encompass communication.

LMA’s 2012 Top Five is:

1. Clearly communicates where we are going (=2 in 2011)

2. Gives honest feedback on how I am going (5 in 2011)

3. Listens to/respects my input into decisions (4 in 2011)

4. Is fair and even-handed/makes reasonable demands (6 in 2011)

5. Trusts me with challenging work (10 in 2011)


Last year’s Number One “Is trustworthy and open in approach” and Equal Number Two “Gives me the space to do my work, but supports me” have fallen out of the Top 5 to seventh and sixth respectively while “Trusts me with challenging work” has climbed five rungs on the ladder.

“Having a sense of Humour” is one of the big improvers outside the Top Five, moving from 14th to eighth.

More than 4200 employees across Australia and New Zealand participated in the research, conducted through LMA’s Leadership Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D.) Survey by Chase Research. The research was conducted over six months, closing October 31.

LMA Executive Chairman, Grant Sexton said that with employee engagement and passion for the job in Australia and New Zealand at its highest level in 12 years (L.E.A.D. Survey 2012 White Paper Summary, November*), employees want their managers to tell them about their organisation’s performance, direction and outlook, as well as their own personal performance.

“The big focus today for managers is communication,” he said. “Managers have a receptive audience which wants to be kept in the picture. It is a great time to really engage the people and capitalise on the emerging opportunities, but we just need to put aside enough time to talk.”

LMA’s Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Manager:

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*Job satisfaction data. White paper summary available on reply email request to [email protected].

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L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Employment and Direction) Survey.

Running for 12 years, the L.E.A.D. Survey is Australasia’s most authoritative survey of workplace issues and their effect on management and employees. It is now a rolling survey with information released in waves three times each year, constantly updating what is really happening within Australasian organisations.

The L.E.A.D. Survey is managed by Adrian Goldsmith of Chase Research. It is commissioned by LMA. Participants are from all sectors, locations and organisation sizes and include employees, frontline managers and supervisors, business leaders and senior management. It draws on previous surveys to analyse changes in the workplace, providing the latest insights, trends and emerging issues affecting business and people management. At times, it introduces new topics.

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