Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
I am so frustrated. I have seen so many Christmas catalogues in the last few weeks. They are full of imported products! I have been to the shopping centre near my home and not one shop stocks Australian made gifts.

What is happening in this country?!!

Rosella has gone into receivership, foreign car manufacturers are propped up by the government and I have had hundreds of people (of all ages) visiting OnlyOz, asking for a job. We want to employ more, but because of my generosity, we often struggle to pay our staff. Yet I feel like we are doing the right thing and one day it will pay off.

We recently employed 4 new staff members, but it has shown me that there are very many people who want a job but can not get one!

This unemployment is going to continue if we don't make things in Australia.
People are buying Christmas presents, but all the money is leaving Australia, because the presents are NOT made in Australia!

I challenge everyone to only buy Australian made from Australian owned companies this Christmas. You will not only be giving great products, but you will also be keeping Australians employed.

I am only going to buy Australian made gifts this Christmas because I want to support Australian manufacturing and employment.

Last night enjoyed making candy canes with my children because I refuse to buy imported candy canes. All the ones I have found in the shops are imported. My children swap canes with their friends on the last day off school. I don't want them to miss out because mummy wants to buy Australian made food.

So that is that.

This year I am only going to buy Australian made gifts for my friends and family. I will also only buy Australian made food (as I always do anyway). I urge you to do the same.

We can not make the government buy Australian made cars or Australian made paper products. We can not make other buy Australian made products. However we can make a difference in our own lives. We can all chose to buy Australian this Christmas. You never know, you might be preventing another Australian manufacturer from going into receivership!

I know Only Australian Groceries really needs a lot more sales! Buy your Christmas presents from us. You know that we are definitely only supporting Australian manufacturers.
frustrated Katie

P.S. I forgot to mention...our last day for sending out orders is Friday the 21st of December but try to get your orders in well before then.

P.P.S. Our walk in store is open on Saturday the 15th of December from 10am until 1pm

If this is the last email from me that you read this year, have a Merry Christmas. Give love and let others love you.

Thanks for reading my emails and helping me in my crusade to keep Australian manufacturing alive.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at OnlyOz.

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Only Australian Groceries sells Australian made products from Australian owned companies and delivers to anywhere in Australia, or the world. We also have a walk-in store in Enoggera Brisbane.

We have a rating system for the products on our website:
AAAA = Australian owned, Australian made from Australian materials or ingredients.
AAA = Australian owned, Australian made from local and imported ingredients.
AA = Australian owned, imported product, packaged in Australia.
A = Australian owned, imported product.
FA = Foreign owned Australian made.

In Brisbane, Howard and Katie Hooker were so co ncerned about the lack of Australian products on supermarket shelves that they finally decided to start a grocery business themselves and stock only Australian goods. Only Australian Groceries sell Australian products online and in their store in Enoggera, Brisbane.
www.OnlyOz.com.au sell Australian made socks, clothes, gifts, food, cleaning products, toiletries and much more all from Australian owned companies.
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