Monday, December 10th, 2012

Sydney, Australia (10th December 2012) – Scratch the surface of most companies by December, and you’ll find well-meaning employees who have been worn out since October, now desperate for the Christmas respite only to repeat the cycle in January.

Comments like “I can’t get any work done in the office because of the distractions” reflect something greater than merely increased workload – they forewarn of a broken system. 

“Companies have more management tools than ever before at their disposal, yet so many are failing on the basics” said Omer Soker of The Ethics of Success Corporation. “In fact, that is the problem. Companies who try to address multiple symptoms with multiple strategies will fail. They cannot handle the complexities they create. So nothing gets done thoroughly, administrative workloads blow out from double-handling or mixed messages, and this creates a vicious cycle of stress and frustration for employees”.

According to Soker, the solution lies in the simplicity of addressing the cause. “The starting point is getting to the facts of reality but 85% of managers avoid conflict, so issues get swept under the carpet adding to the problems” he said. “Managers refuse to deal with the truth, even though employees together know exactly what the problem is.”

Soker has developed a 6-formulae organisational ethics program to help company leaders unravel the problems of employee burnout and management inefficiencies, in order to drive employee engagement and accelerate company performance: 

1. Truth + Conflict + Reason + Trust = Collaboration 
Confronting truth and raising debate create a foundation for effective collaboration.

2. Integrity + Purpose + Passion = Staff Engagement 
Passionate employees respond to respect and purpose.

3. Collaboration  Productivity + Innovation + Growth
Collaboration improves teamwork, sharing of best practice and the confidence to innovate.

4. Ethics + Values = Customers 
Customers favour companies that operate with integrity and adhere to core values.

5. People + Company + Stakeholders = Responsibility 
Responsible businesses align and meet divergent needs for sustainability.

6. Solutions = Simple  Complex 
Simple rules outperform complex choices for front-line staff to implement strategy.

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