Monday, December 10th, 2012

No one likes to bring out the vacuum cleaner after a long day at work but do robot vacuum cleaners really work? As someone who has read millions of robot vacuum reviews and tried quite a few of them myself I can honestly say that most of them do not.

However, Robomaid really gets the job done and makes vacuum cleaning one less chore I have to do.

Regular vacuum cleaners are big, heavy, and hard to store. Robot vacuum reviews agree that Robomaid is better than other robot vacuums because it is small and lightweight if you ever need to move it. In addition, it actually goes back to its docking station and stores itself there once it is finished vacuuming. This means it also charges itself so you do not have to worry about keeping it charged.

Many robot vacuum cleaner reviews state that a common frustration is the lack of versatility. In other words, most of them only vacuum rugs. Robomaid, though, vacuums carpet, wood floor, and tile. There is even an attachment cloth that can be used wet or dry to mop floors while it vacuums. This particular addition really sets the Robomaid apart from other vacuums.

One of my biggest personal complaints with robot vacuums is their shape. How can a round vacuum reach the dirty corners of my room? Robomaid has extension brushes that stick out the sides and actually sweep the dirt from the corners right up into the vacuum. This eliminates dirt in hard to reach places which, for me, is one of the best components of this device.

If you have kids or pets then you will love the UV light on Robomaid too. I do not know of any other vacuum cleaners that have this feature but Robomaid has a UV light to help kill bacteria while it vacuums so you can feel confident that your floors are not just clean but truly safe.

Overall, I can honestly say that Robomaid is the best robot vacuum cleaner out there and the price of this item is reasonable too. It is a small price to pay to come home to clean floors every day!


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Hello. We are Robomaid Australia and it’s nice to meet you. We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated company established in 2009. Our passion is best summed up as bringing practical and convenient technology to your home. The Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is at the forefront of this and its life changing abilities make it our best seller by a long shot.
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