Saturday, September 14th, 2013

As the Australian new car market topped the million sale mark by November for the first time, Kia Motors continued to play its part in the record growth as the fastest growing mainstream passenger car marque.

Figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries showed the Australian market had hit the magic million mark by the end of November for the first time in history, with Kia sales helping to push the barrow with growth of 24.9 per cent over 2011.

“We are extremely pleased with sales across our entire range,” said Kia Chief Operating Officer, Tony Barlow. “The strong sales are a clear indication the buyer confidence in Kia products is continuing to grow, driven by the brand’s key planks of safety, styling, engineering and value.”

Mr Barlow said the brand’s 29.4 per cent year-on-year growth in a market growing just over 9 per cent was a pleasing vindication of Kia Motor Australia’s focussed long term business plans over the past few years.

In the passenger segment, Optima (up 166.1 per cent over 2011) and Rio showed solid growth with the latter posting a year-to-date rise of 31.6 per cent and more than 60 per cent growth for the month compared to November 2011.

The multi-award winning Rio, winner of the 2011 Carsguide Car of the Year, a two-time winner of Australia’s Best Cars ‘Best Light Car under $20,000’ award and a dual winner of the People’s Choice Awards, was the top seller for Kia in November.

Kia’s highly awarded SUV pair, Sorento and Sportage, are also finishing the year with a rush with Sorento up 24.9 per cent and Sportage up 26 per cent when compared to the same period last year.

The Sorento SLi recently added to its award cabinet with the ‘Best SUV over $40,000’ in the annual Drive Car of the Year awards while Kia Sportage SLi was recognised by Australia’s Best Cars receiving the award for ‘Best SUV under $40,000’.


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Founded in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry, Kia is currently Korea’s second largest car manufacturer and it’s oldest. From the company’s production of Korea’s first domestic bicycle, Kia moved on to producing Korea’s first motorcycle and the country’s first truck. Kia then became the first company in Korea to locally produce petrol car engines and the first domestic diesel engine. In 1979, Kia’s quality car production was recognised by the fact that two of the world’s leading European car makers chose the Korean car maker to build their ‘range topper’ models on their behalf – the Peugeot 604 and Fiat 132. But it was in the 1980s that Kia’s growth really took off. In 1986 Ford joined the list of car makers who looked to Kia to produce cars to be sold under their name, with the Festiva joining Ford’s line up first in the USA, then across the world, including in Australia for where Kia produced two generations of Ford’s entry-level car. Today, Kia produces a remarkably diverse range of vehicles sold in 190 countries around the world.
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