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Port Dickson, or PD as it is often referred to by the locals, is a beach town, holiday destination in Malaysia. It is about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and a short drive from Seremban. Many Singaporeans also like to visit PD as it is one of the closest beaches to Singapore.

How to get to PD

PD is well connected via highways from the surrounding major cities. If you are flying into Kuala Lumpur, the drive to PD is about 1.5 hrs. There are also buses available connecting Seremban to PD.

Getting around PD

There are Taxis and a local bus that can get you to main locations in town but renting or driving your own car is recommended for convenience.


Most of the hotels and resorts in Port Dickson are beachfront, so water, sand and at least one swimming pool is pretty standard. The resorts and hotels are spread along the coastline of PD. The facilities that may be offered at these resorts include, private pools, private beach, golf course, spa, kids facilities, these will differ depending on which hotel you stay at. Some of these hotels are located in a quiet and serene location, perfect for relaxing, whilst others are a little close to the bustle of the town centre.

Things to see and do

1. There are many beaches on the coast along Port Dickson. Many water activities are available on the coast such as water-skiing, canoeing, snorkelling and wind surfing. Your hotel or resort should be able to provide you with information for these activities.

2. If you enjoy sailing, arrange to have temporary membership at the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club, which was founded by expats in 1927. The yacht club still offers dinghy sailing courses and runs regattas. Malaysia's developmental sailing teams train and sail from the RPDYC.

3. One of the best things you can do in Port Dickson is fishing. Teluk Pelanduk is a fishing village 18km south of Port Dickson town, here you will find small jetties for fishing boats and many fishermen. Some avid divers also charter boats from Teluk Pelanduk for diving trips going north towards Port Dickson.

4. The Blue Lagoon is approximately 15km from PD. Here you will find a breathtaking view of the surrounding greenery around the open sea. The lagoon is an excellent spot for swimming, boating, wind surfing and water skiing.

5. Apart from the water activities there is also a weekly night market, which falls on Friday and Saturday, and monthly night market which falls on the 15th.

6. Cape Rachado, or Tanjung Tuan to the locals, is a nature attraction 18km south from Port Dickson town. This hilly cape is a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary, there is also a historical lighthouse at the summit. Administered by the state of Malacca, Cape Rachado is also a favourite bird watching spot, especially during the migratory season of raptors. From the lighthouse, visitors can access jungle trails that lead to hidden beaches and the mangrove areas bear Pulau Masjid. Keep an eye out for fauna as the area is fairly rich with wildlife. Entrance to Cape Rachado is free and tourists can also camp at this location.

7. Located near a Malaysian Army Camp is the Muzium Tentera Darat Army Museum. Some vehicles and aircrafts used by Royal Malaysian Army are displayed there as well as a Communist Tunnel.

8. There is a small petting zoo along the Port Dickson beach road, it is called the Port Dickson Ostrich Farm. Besides ostriches, visitors can see peacocks, peasants, jungle fowls, monkeys and a number of farm animals. The Ostriches are housed in an open paddock and visitors can feed them as well as go on Ostrich rides. A restaurant on the premises serves cuisine made from Ostrich meat, including satay

9. Kota Lukut is a historic fort situated 4km north of Port Dickson, perched on top a scenic hill. Built in 1847 by Bugis warrior Raja Jumaat, the fort was his personal stronghold as he watched over the tin trade in the area. Today, the fortress grounds have been transformed into a recreational park area, with gazebos and watch towers spread across a small field. A museum at the foothill is the real tourist attraction, exhibiting historical and cultural artefacts from the mining era of Lukut.

10. Remember, Kuala Lumpur is only a short drive away so if you have a whole day to spend, a day trip to KL is a great option. There are two leading museums in KL worth visiting; National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum. If you have children with you the Sunway Lagoon is a great place to visit. It is a combination of a water park and an extreme rides park. A petting zoo can also be found at Sunway Lagoon. In the evening Chinatown (in the centre of the city) and Jalan Alor (in the Golden Triangle) have a great combination of food stall and what locals call kedai kopi, which are small restaurants with street seating providing a great variety of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine.

The proximity of PD, to the major cities in Malaysia as well as Singapore, the activities and landscape scenery it offers in contrast to the busy, industrial life of the city makes it a great location for a short vacation.

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