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The last decade has seen the number of destination weddings increase tremendously. Destinations in South East Asia are very popular for a wedding abroad, so why are Thistle Hotels a great venue for a wedding in South East Asia?

As the average age of marriage has risen, couples are older and better travelled. More and more live in different countries from their relations and want something more exotic and private than the typical wedding where all family, extended family, friends and acquaintances are invited.

Destination weddings, located in a completely foreign country often have a much smaller guest list, making it an intimate affair. Couples also tend to choose a location that is honeymoon friendly or close to their honeymoon destination.

Resorts and hotels in tropical or hot areas are becoming more equipped for catering to weddings, as well as proactively establishing their wedding business. Thistle Hotel has taken the cue and is offering many services and customizable packages to fit the needs of foreign or non-local customers planning a wedding in Malaysia.

For a destination wedding, couples are looking for a great location, a venue that is flexible with each couples’ wedding needs and often a place where they may have a “wedding moon” (a combination of a wedding and honeymoon) or be close to their honeymoon destination.


Malaysia is located next to India, Thailand and Singapore, it is a general central point for the other SE Asia countries. This means that there are arrays of multi-cultural weddings conducted in Malaysia. Each culture has specific traditions and practices for their weddings. Thistle Hotel not only has the facilities to accommodate for weddings of different cultures to suit each individual couple but also allows you to customize every aspect of your day, from which venue within the hotel premises (private beach, gardens, ballroom, poolside etc) will be the setting of your wedding to the flower arrangements, and everything in between is yours to choose.

Convenience of location and venue

Location is a big factor of consideration for any wedding, but especially for a destination wedding. On a bigger scale, couples planning a destination wedding want an exotic place, but this location also needs to be easily accessible for their guests. Visas are easily attainable (if needed) for a visit to Malaysia and with it’s central location in SE Asia, it’s relatively hassle free to travel to, from surrounding countries. On a more specific scale, the actual function venue is important as well. Thistle Hotels in Malaysia provide convenience for you and your guests with their all-inclusive packages and discounted rates for the guests. Whether it’s the Thistle Hotel’s private beach at the Port Dickson hotel (the only private beach on the Port Dickson beach strip), poolside at the Johor Bahru hotel, one of the beautiful banquet rooms or the botanical gardens, Thistle Hotel can cater for the setting of your choice.

Wedding Moon

Traditionally weddings are followed by a flight to a holiday destination where the newly weds can enjoy their honeymoon by spending some quality time together. Couples having a destination wedding tend to choose either a place where they can have their honeymoon as well or somewhere close to their honeymoon spot. Malaysia is in the neighborhood of some of the most popular honeymoon locations, but it is also a great wedding moon point. Thistle Hotels in Malaysia are located in two very popular tourist spots in SE Asia and offer all the facilities needed for an intimate honeymoon such as a swimming pool, golf course, private beach and spa facilities. Port Dickson is the beach resort town for locals and Johor Bahru is a cultural hub with a large variety of SE Asian cuisine on the border of Singapore.

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