Monday, December 17th, 2012

Dick Smith wants "a patriotic legal expert with guts".

Deceptive food labels on Australian supermarket shelves are confusing shoppers into thinking foreign-owned products are in fact Australian-owned.

Australian businessman Dick Smith, owner of Dick Smith Foods, has placed an advertisement in the Australian Financial Review seeking the services of a barrister who can address the issue head-on with MARS Inc., the US company which owns the previously Australian-owned MasterFoods.

MasterFoods uses an Australian flag on one of its tomato sauce labels, which Mr Smith says encourages shoppers to believe the brand is still Australian.

“I believe the Aussie flag is on the label to deceive Australians into thinking Masterfoods is an Australian company, with the profits staying in Australia," Mr Smith says. "Nothing could be further from the truth. The wealth is being shipped overseas, and essentially robbing our children of a future.”

Mr Smith believes there should be stronger legislation against the practice to ensure Australian shoppers are kept informed of which economy they are supporting.

For further details, please see the advertisement, which will be placed in the AFR on Monday December 17, attached.


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