Monday, January 11th, 2010

Los Angeles, January 11, 2010:  The creators of the Animation Dance Association (ADA) recently launched an online animation contest (ADA Sports) where five different teams of animators from around the world go head to head each day to battle it out for the top animation short. The winner will be decided by viewers worldwide with a 24 hour window to vote for their favorite clip (online and mobile). The results of the daily poll will be announced live on the ADA Sport website ( at 7:00 pm PST. Each month the winning team will take home a prize of $10,000. The first contest began on December 20th, and will run through January 20th, 2010.

The goals of this project are to showcase the talent of animators from around the globe, create a friendly competition among the teams taking part in the contest and heighten the awareness of the Animation Dance Association. Based on popular sports names, the 5 teams consist of the Kings, Cardinals, Cowboys, Giants and Spartans (full profiles of the teams are available for review at The animators are the athletes in this competition and this contest is open to anyone who has a creative mind and is a fan of the animation space.

Alexander Vasilkin, CEO of the Animation Dance Association states, “The creation of the ADA sport establishes a league where the fans are in control of deciding a champion. This new competition aims to provide entertainment to those who love animation and bring attention to the talent of animators around the globe.”

ADA invites you to participate in this competition by placing your vote today for your favorite animated clip by simply visiting


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The Animation Dance Association (ADA)

The Animation Dance Association (ADA) is a new global competition where 5 professional animation teams compete against each other for the ADA Championship Title. Combining their talent and creativity with global exposure, these animation teams will quickly become the worldwide superstars of their craft. The new ADA sport will help people have fun, relax, and enjoy themselves. Every day, masterpieces by the great ADA artists will bring people pleasure, happiness, and a unique entertainment experience.

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Animators from around the world go head to head each day to battle it out for the top animation short.



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