Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Dick Smith thanks patriotic Australians who support Aussie farmers.

- 300% Increase in Turnover

By the mid-2011/2012 Financial Year, Dick Smith Foods had lost about $240,000 and Dick Smith was considering closing the company. Turnover at retail level of our Australian grown and made foods had dropped to $8 million per annum.

However, due to public reaction and support, Dick decided to revitalise the company and keep it going.

Over $700,000 being spent on a special magazine promoting the food company, together with other advertising in newspapers and on radio, has turned the company around. By the end of the 2011/2012 Financial Year, the company had made a small profit and is now returning to making major donations and providing sponsorships. So far, Dick Smith Foods has given over $4.7 million to worthy causes and Dick is hoping this will reach $5 million in the very near future.

Following is a copy of the new article on the Dick Smith Foods website which tells the story of this amazing turnaround.

Thanks, everyone, for your support – especially media commentators around Australia who really know the importance of food security and supporting the ‘home team’.

For further information contact Dick Smith on 02-9450 0600,

mobile 0408 640 221 or email [email protected]

Donations and Sponsorships

Thanks for everyone’s support and the great performance of our Magazine of Forbidden Ideas. It looks as if we have turned a corner and soon we will be able to start giving sponsorships and donations again.

As you can see from the article below entitled, “Presently On Hold Due to No Money Available” (which was previously placed on this website), the turnover of Dick Smith Foods had dropped from $80 million to about $8 million and we simply had no profits to give away. In fact, two-thirds of the way through the last financial year, it looked as if we were going to lose about $240,000.

However, the news now is fantastic – there has been an amazing turnaround with support from the public. By the end of the financial year we didn’t lose any money at all. In fact, we made a small profit of $10,000. After paying 30% tax on this (about $3,000) we have donated the balance of $7,000 to the Salvation Army to assist in the ongoing maintenance for three houses we purchased for the Salvos for accommodation for people in need.

What is even more incredible is that we were able to give away about $27,000 in donations and sponsorships last year – yes, well down on our record years when we were giving away many hundreds of thousands of dollars, but still worthwhile. We still have a long way to go as we are spending nearly all of our money on marketing.

Now that more than three million copies of the magazine have been distributed we are increasing our advertising with a permanent full-page ad in Women’s Weekly magazine and also some short television commercials.

We will be able to make donations again and to help with sponsorships, but please note: all requests must be received through Australia Post to the address below. Please understand every request for assistance or sponsorship will be considered, but we can only help about 1% of the tremendous number that come in and we will not be able to reply to every letter. If we were to put on extra staff to reply to every request it will mean we will have to spend most of the sponsorship money on paying for staff to write letters!

Personally I would like to thank Australians around the country for their tremendous support in assisting Dick Smith Foods back to a better financial footing. I was going to close down the company when the turnover dropped so dramatically, but it looks as if we may be able to become a long-term, viable business supporting Aussie farmers and putting money into worthwhile causes.

Thanks again for your support.

Dick Smith

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