Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Re: Obesity Summit, Canberra Dec 3-4

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A communiqué from the two-day Obesity Summit in Canberra will be developed by Obesity Australia over the next two weeks which will lead to an obesity strategic plan following in three months.

Obesity Australia chair, Professor John Funder said the complexity of the issue was universally acknowledged and explored by 110 delegates at the summit, the first of its kind in Australia.

The summit brought together some of the best minds in obesity research, treatment and prevention and a wide variety of groups allied in their commitment and determination to make a difference.

“What was also acknowledged was that current efforts to reverse the trend over the past 15 years have been unsuccessful and the time has come to develop an innovative broad based attack on the problem,” he said.

Over the last three decades in Australia the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased more than three-fold.  Today a quarter of our population is obese, and another 40% overweight.

Obesity is a serious, chronic, relapsing disease, with a constellation of associated disorders -- diabetes, cardiovascular and renal disease, sleep apnoea and narcolepsy, depression, and reproductive difficulties – that presents as a massive cost issue in terms of health and productivity.

“While speakers and panellists presented their different areas of expertise, everyone agrees that obesity is a chronic disease which can only be addressed by a wide-ranging co-ordinated plan,” Prof Funder said.

“With our first step, we will engage governments because we can never stop the epidemic without their leadership.”

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Obesity Australia

Obesity Australia is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation. Obesity Australia Members comprise the Board: John Funder (Executive Chairman), Christine Faulks, Christine Bennett, Geoff Walsh, Helen Coonan and Peter Gluckman, as well as Patrons Paul Zimmet and Harold Mitchell. Obesity Australia also has a Scientific Advisory Board comprising Jennie Brand-Miller, Joe Proietto, Matt Sabin, Steve Simpson, Stephen Colagiuri, Gary Wittert, Michael Cowley, John Dixon, John Funder and Peter Gluckman. The CEO for Obesity Australia is Stella Clark. The mission of Obesity Australia is to drive change in the public perception of obesity, its prevention and its treatment. As part of that mission, Obesity Australia is hosting the summit in Canberra.

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