Monday, December 3rd, 2012

A team of young entrepreneurs set out to use their craft to create positive change. From the principles that this team has learnt from running training workshops for larger organisations, they found that they could apply the same learnings to help disadvantaged kids flourish.

FIVE young, passionate local entrepreneurs (Lenny Tran, Vinh Giang, Jeffrey Wong, Travis Hobbs and Michael Wilczynski) are on a lifetime mission to stretch the boundaries of the mind. They are literally bringing out the magic in every corner of Adelaide, and encouraging the limitless potential magic offers.

This diverse team of two Pharmacists, a Personal Trainer, Accountant and a Professional Speaker have grown up in a world being consumed by technology and have seen its positive impacts. But the quintet are concerned that technology is taking over daily life.

“We have found, as every parent, teacher and adult in Australia can surely agree, that the youth of today are becoming more and more disengaged”, says Lenny Tran, co-founder of Encyclopedia of Magic.

The world as we knew it five years ago seems so far gone, consumed by the technology we endorsed. Gone are the days of teenagers buying CDs, calling their friends, and sitting down to play board games. Now these day-to-day activities can be done without having to say a word. For instance, when was the last time anyone either saw someone write a hand-written letter as opposed to an email? Though we can’t prevent this trend, it’s worth asking ‘what is the cost?’

Progressively, social skills, effective communication, and self-confidence in the young Australian is dropping. In 2008, around 160,000 young Australians aged between 16 and 24 had been diagnosed and were living with depression (Australia Bureau of Statistics). With the vast improvement in technology since 2008, imagine how those numbers have grown. It’s clear that Australia needs that little spark of magic.

Magic is a vehicle that helps young people along their journey from being who they feel they have to be, to who they want to be” says Vinh Giang, a professional speaker and co-founder of Encyclopedia of Magic.

Travis has witnessed the power magic has on the youth of Adelaide countless times, describing it as a ‘transformation’. “When you see a student who is shy and withdrawn suddenly step into the guise of a performer, it’s like seeing a whole new person.”

Jeffrey Wong, co-founder, adds, “they project confidence, pride and embody everything that is fun and cheeky about who they really are, and the exciting thing for them is that when they realize how much more exciting the world is in that light, they will do whatever it takes to stay there.”

Richard Wiseman, a Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom states, “kids going to magic school not only walked away with enhanced self-esteem and confidence but they are even more confident than if they'd gone to a normal self-esteem lesson… This could be incorporated into schools, you could have kids doing magic tricks and getting really excited about themselves and the world rather than sitting in lessons absolutely bored.”

Magic is an extremely powerful and engaging tool which has the potential to address alarming trends fueled by technology, and really is the medicine that tastes good. Integrating this at a younger age can stop limiting beliefs from forming before they can become set. Thus, it is Encyclopedia of Magic’s dream to incorporate their magic lessons into school curriculums as supported by Professor Wiseman’s statements.

Encyclopedia of Magic believes that everyone has magic within, it’s just about finding it.

From the principles that this team has learnt from running training workshops for larger organisations, they found that they could apply the same learning’s to help disadvantaged kids flourish. Consequently South Australian schools, Family SA and Anglicare, have passionately embraced these inspirational entrepreneurs who are transforming Australia, one mind at a time using their magic - the true medicine that tastes good.

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