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During a year of global economic challenges and natural disasters, many of today’s youth find solace backpacking across the world. So why has Skype become an integral carry on item for those wander the earth? Backpacking is traditionally common amongst young adults who independently travel long distances for long periods at low cost. Digital communication and resources make planning, executing, and continuing a long-term backpacking trip easier than before – with Skype leading the charge.

What does Skype have to offer Backpackers?

Skype is inexpensive – free actually. It is free to download, subscribe and use*. With free WiFi readily available in many countries, it means that owning a device to run Skype through is the only expense required. Backpackers cannot afford to waste money, making Skype an affordable indulgence.


With sightseeing a crucial part of backpacking, it is only natural to want to share experiences with friends, family and loved ones. Skype offers free calls, ensuring a cost effective method to converse.

The same concept is behind video calls, allowing users to feel as though they are communicating face to face with the recipient; this is particularly useful for a close to real-life conversation. Backpackers often have little time to go online due to internet café limitations so the Group video function is ideal for catching up with several people at any one time.

For ease-of-use, text or online instant messaging is free from Skype-to-Skype devices. This also allows you to send files; great for sharing photos and videos of backpacking experiences.

Many backpackers look to earn money on their travels, online file sharing can be particularly useful for sending a CV to a prospective employer – possibly using video call for an online-style interview ahead of arrival to a destination – all free of charge.

Flexible / compatible

Skype offers several fantastic ways to make your travelling experience easier, but what makes it even simpler is the compatibility with most portable devices in the market. Whether you have a Smart Phone, laptop, and tablet on either windows, IOs or Android, you will have a seamless experience.

Skype make it even more harmonious through their partnership with Facebook – another Backpacker favourite. Not only can you chat to you friends through several mediums, Skype brings video chat to one of the world’s most popular Social Networking sites.

For countries where free WiFi is not as popular, Skype WiFi is on offer. This comes at a charge, but ensures Backpackers are never isolated. The benefits of Skype WiFi to those looking for low cost options are once purchased, all downloads are free with no extra charges.

Skype has many features, that are suitable for many situations but possibly none more so than for those travelling around the world. Make sure you make the most of your journey of a lifetime by taking Skype. 

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Skype is a software-based communications platform that offers high-quality, easy-to-use tools for both consumers and businesses to communicate and collaborate globally through voice, video and text conversations. Founded in 2003 and based in Luxembourg, our mission is to be the communications platform of choice around the world. We enable users with virtually any Internet-connected device to communicate with each other by voice, video and instant message for free, or make low cost voice calls to fixed or mobile numbers virtually anywhere in the world. We had 124 million average monthly connected users for the three months ended June 30, 2010 and our users placed 95 billion calling minutes over Skype in the first half of 2010, approximately 40% of which were video. Skype can be downloaded onto computers, mobile phones and other connected devices for free at Access to a broadband Internet connection is required. Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone service and cannot be used for emergency calling. Skype Connect is meant to complement existing traditional telephone services used with a corporate PBX, not as a stand-alone solution. Skype Connect users need to ensure all calls to emergency services are terminated through traditional telephone services. Skype, associated trademarks and logos and the “S” symbol are trademarks of Skype Limited.
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