Friday, November 30th, 2012
There are so many ways parts of our body that can be used to outshine from the rest of the crowd, when it comes to being in the spotlight you need each and everything part of your body in a top notch condition. The most underrated part of the body are the nails that most think don't really matter but when it comes to making a strong statement, nails go a long way. Especially in today's world where you everyone is looking to set a trend rather than following one, so if you wish to set a new trend of your own then you need to look out for some of the hottest trends of the upcoming year.

Many people now celebrate various holidays with a unique manicure which reflects the flavor of that holiday, for example there is a thanksgiving coming up and some nails will be glittering with cute little turkey drumsticks and some just create an entire turkey meal with their manicures. So now every holiday comes with a cute trend of related manicures, similarly the trends of nail is ever changing and there are tons of manicures that are used by thousands of models and actresses. If they can pull it off then so can you, let's take a look at some of the trends that you need to be a part of;

ZigZag can do the trick

A new trend in manicure involves different colors grouped together in different shapes, also known as chevron this style will give your nails license to trend and you will never feel the same way again.

Love Jewelry? Then wear it in your nails!

Who doesn't love jewelry? The shiny emerald, ruby and sapphire, but what if you could use these jewelries in your nails? Every nail showcasing a different color representing a specific jewelry and little gems added in the end are the perfect finishing touch.

Beads on Nails!

You have probably used beads with so many accessories so why not with your nails? You can contrast or match the perfect tiny beads with your desired nail polish color. Use the red hot color with deep black beads poured on top of the nails for a fabulous look.

Floral Art is back!

The flowers looks lovely on every lady but what if they are re-invented by Prada? Then they would look even more majestic, and the models that walked the ramp for Prada rocked their floral dress along with a unique art of flowers manicured exquisitely among their nails.

Hearts and More hearts

Every woman loves the shape of an imaginary heart and when this heart is printed with polka dots it makes a whole new combination. The color combination is the key, who says that the heart has to be red?

Shiny Glitter and powerful studs

It's amazing how powerful your nails can make you with a unique nail tool your nail can tell a whole new story, with strong glitter and unique studs you can be a part of a completely different trend.

If it's not Velvet then it's not right

If you are tired from all the different manicures and looking for something new and exciting then Velvet crushed nail polish is the way to go. Not only will your nails be transformed into smooth ravishing velvet but you will love to feel them every now and then. It also comes in some dark colors so that you could awake your dark side in a style.

French to the rescue

There are so many latest trends that French have introduced, so get ready for French manicures that introduce a new concept of leaving the base of the nails alone, while polishing the top with some ravishing colors.

Soft and Simple

If you have to be at a casual get together and still can't resist the nail polish then soft shades will be ideal that bring that missing simplicity that your nails always needed.

Play Hide and Seek

If you want to be the center of attraction and want every eye on your nail then glowing in the dark nail polish is the perfect one for you. Next time when you go out at night, you will be glowing in different colors.

There are so many wonderful nail tools that can be equipped to explore your inner creativity, you never know with all these latest trends, maybe you can come up with a trend of your own.

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