Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Not voting together with our American, Canadian and Israeli friends, not standing against Islamist murderers and terrorists is a disgrace for Australia. To sit on the fence as abstainers, when these Islamist terror gangs push for the same recognition at the UN as the Vatican, is utterly shameful for Australian Labor and Australia as a nation. From this day forward we will have lost our claim to stand for what is right and just.

Q Society notes that not one of the Islamist groups and terrorist organisations operating in and around Israel has recognised Israel’s right to exist, nor have these groups rescinded their formally declared aim to wipe out Israel and kill or disperse all Jews from Israel. To the contrary, as we have just seen, they are now being armed by Iran and Syria with even more sophisticated short and mid-range rockets, and have no qualms to shoot thousands of these rockets into civilian areas, or murder civilians in any other way they can.

At best the PLO/PA has acknowledged that Israel exists, but this has not extended to formally recognising Israel’s bona-fide right to exist as state, as was recognised by the League of Nations, then the UN and Australia, together with all civilised countries.

The spokesman for Q SOciety, Mr Andrew Horwood, said this is the same ‘recognition’ one gives to a cancer tumour; one acknowledges it is there – and will do one’s best to eradicate it.

Under these circumstances to not vote against elevating such Islamist terrorist gangs to a more prestigious status at the UN is inconceivable. Until PLO/PA, PLFP and Hamas recognise Israel’s right to exist and declare an end to their agenda of genocide and terror, how can there be recognition?

To sit on the fence on this critical matter is a day of great shame for all civil-minded Australians.

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Q Society of Australia Inc

Q Society is a national grassroots organization run by volunteers since 2010. Our members are
concerned about the socio-political problems associated with the rise of Islamic Sharia law in
Australia: as well as the religiously motivated human rights abuses against women in indigenous
religious minorities in IOC countries. We seek it inform and lobby for a free and open discussion about
the social political impact of Islam in Australia. We oppose the Islamisation of our society as well as
attempts to silence critical debate under the pretence of multiculturalism, tolerance and political
correctness. No tolerance for the intolerant.
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