Thursday, November 29th, 2012

After the airing of a story featuring people seeking out and saving money on their electricity and gas bills on Channel 7’s Today Tonight program last night, thousands of South Australians simultaneously logged onto the website causing the service to temporarily stop responding.

Tim Andrew, CEO of said “We thought we were well prepared as we had a little bit of advance notice about the story and had tripled our capacity, but we were completely overwhelmed at the number of people who came onto the site looking to save money.”

“We ended up having to put on 3,000% more computer power to cope with the demand, which fortunately only took us about an hour, but a number of people missed out last night and we are sorry about that” Mr Andrew added.

The rush on the site demonstrates the pent up demand by South Australian households to find a way to get relief on their energy bills. The increasing cost of energy has become the number one topic of conversation with South Australia now the most expensive energy in Australia and heading toward the most costly world-wide.

Mr Andrew says that service has now returned to normal. “We are following up with hundreds of customers from last night, however if you want to try again today, you’ll find our service is as fast and simple to get your savings as you’d expect”.


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