Monday, November 26th, 2012
HealthPost have been on the cutting edge of consumer natural health in Australasia for over 20 years. Established in 1988 with a mission to meet the ever growing need for quality natural health products and information, the company continues to innovate and expand its offer. Their most recent accomplishment is the launch of a comprehensive, new natural health website, serves as an online library of information intended to educate consumers about natural health products and living a healthy lifestyle generally. Relevant topics are covered by ‘Renée Naturally’ (Renée Leonard-Stainton), a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, whose work is regularly featured in high-profile print, television and online publications.

Abel Butler, Director at HealthPost, is committed to educating individuals on the benefits of natural health, "Consumers are increasingly aware of the numerous health challenges posed by a typical modern diet and lifestyle. These include highly processed foods which are low in fibre and nutrients, and a lifestyle which is often high-stress and short of sleep and relaxation. We’re also discovering that many of today's top health problems, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, IBS, certain allergies, and other disorders may be able to be turned around by dietary and lifestyle changes.

There's been a shift in the thinking of the general population and the road to natural health is being explored like never before. Consumers are more proactive. They're taking their health and the health of their families into their own hands, and often going online for answers. Their ability to locate the right information is key. Our passion here at HealthPost is to be an empowering natural health resource by providing the best information along with the highest quality products. Some of our existing customers have counted on us for decades and, with our new website, we’re hoping to be of benefit to many more as well.

The future of HealthPost looks bright. With thousands of carefully selected, trusted products and relevant, timely health and nutrition information conveniently available online, we are setting out to meet the ever-growing demand for natural health head-on.”

HealthPost are taking every care to ensure the quality and reliability of the information they present via this new online resource. This extends to their selection of Renée Naturally as their lead author. Not only does Renée have the right credentials to provide information to both new and seasoned natural health enthusiasts, but she has the life experience as well.

Chronically ill from the age of 11 with a debilitating immune disorder, Renée spent much of her teen years subject to endless medical tests and doctor visits, --until she discovered natural medicine, which put her on the path that led to a full recovery. Through this life changing experience, Renée decided to help others on their journey to wellness by becoming a qualified Naturopath.

When asked about the value of HealthPost's new website, she had this to say, "HealthPost is a vital resource for anyone who wants to experience the health and vitality they deserve. Your health affects every area of your life and can rob you from time spent with family, friends, or doing the things you love. So many individuals suffer unnecessarily, when often all they may need is the right information. At that "right information" is provided."
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HealthPost was established in 1988 to meet the need for quality natural health products at affordable prices. We offer a huge range of leading brand supplements, natural health and beauty products delivered to your door via an ultra-convenient online shopping experience. We’re dedicated to creating a rich and vibrant online health community, bringing you the latest ways to be naturally radiant and relaxed in the knowledge that you’re taking great care of yourself and your loved ones. 
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