Wednesday, November 21st, 2012
Port Augusta Maths and Science Summit

“It takes the village to teach the child” – is the underlying theme behind a dynamic first ever Maths and Science Summit to be held in Port Augusta on 23 November 2012. In keeping with the “village” theme, the Summit, targeted at teachers, parents, community members and employers, will identify who the villagers are and how they can play a part in educating students in a community leading to pathways into employment – in this case Port Augusta.

You will meet OZ Mineral’s Brian Kilgariff the General Manager of Prominent Hill Operations, Jen Cleary Chair of Regional Development Australia Far North and recent students who have used maths and science to determine their choices into careers.

Minister for Education and Child Development, Grace Portolesi, will also feature as a keynote speaker to discuss what schools are doing regarding the start of the pipeline from early childhood to senior secondary.

“We are very pleased to have secured Professor Martin Westwell as the Summit facilitator,” said Sean Holden, Principal Manager of Resources & Energy Program (REP).

“Professor Westwell is the first Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century, and is also a member on the SACE Board of South Australia, added Mr Holden.

“Not only that he is a passionate advocate for maths and science and has worked with communities overseas to help them discover the individual, social, cultural and economic benefits of greater maths and science skills,” Mr Holden went on to say.
During the Summit, the spotlight will be on maths and science and how all members of the community can work together to improve the uptake and achievement levels in our schools. A holistic overview will be provided covering the transition from early childhood to school to training to a job in the resources and energy generation sectors.

The Resources and Energy Program (REP), an initiative of the Department for Education and Child Development, is co-ordinating the Maths and Science Summit for the Upper Spencer Gulf (USG) in Port Augusta during November 2012. REP has identified that proficiency in high school maths & science subjects are perquisites to gain career training in the resources and energy sector.

The summit is about:

• Discussing the value of maths and science as life skills
• Why and how maths and science is important to the individual, the employer, the government, the community and the economy.
• Teaching and learning maths and science from early childhood to full-time employment and beyond.
• Why is it important that more students take up maths and science in schools
• Why greater skills, abilities and knowledge in maths and science are important to the pathways into training, further education and employment.

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Department for Education and Child Development

The Resources and Energy Program is an initiative of the Department for Education and Child Development that supports students with career pathways into resources and energy sectors. With a strong focus on school based and full time Apprenticeships, the program aims to support school teachers to provide skills & qualifications to young people to transition seamlessly into a career in the resources and energy industries.The Resources & Energy Program formally works with teachers, students, parents, community leaders, training providers and industry to collaborate on raising the importance of education and training.

Sean Holden
P: 0428101990


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