Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Tuffer Tumblers are launching drinking Tumblers to the Australian/NZ business and sporting community based on the original American Double Walled Tumblers promoted by Disney, The NFL and many more. The journey of the american tumbler is one that was invented the same year as the microwave oven back in the 1940's so we are excited that we can now bring the tumblers here.

Tuffer Tumblers say these exciting products are new to the market, never seen before and are looking to create awesome designs and logos on tumblers that are cool, awesome and a must have.

Louise Vangestel, Tuffer Tumblers National Sales Manager says “we are delighted to be able to bring such a great product into Australia and New Zealand. The ability to showcase your brand in either a PVC insert or a quality embroidered patch is something we are proud to bring to the marketplace here.

She said the advantages are numerous:
· Unique to the Australian/NZ market
· The double wall design and insulation allows the product to be used for hot and cold drinks unlike any drinking vessel you have ever seen before
· You can promote your branding very effectively by having your various logo's inserted into the walls of the cup
· A great give away as a promotional item as it will take place of pride on anyone’s desk or in their home due to its very unique features, your logo will always be on display
· It is a product that your customers and staff will see has value and not just another piece of giveaway junk collecting dust.
· It will have real use to your customers

Louise says that in the USA huge corporations like Disney and the NFL use the tumblers as merchandising products sold to fans for as much as US$20 per tumbler.
After a long period of time we can now bring this fantastic American concept to Australia and are looking for discussions between Tuffer Tumblers and the corporate and sporting world to continue this journey here in Australia and New Zealand at fantastic prices.

From a sustainability point of view Louise says we all may be all about kicking back and relaxing when not at work– but we’re serious about our responsibility and also know when it’s time to take a stand here at Tuffer Tumblers. Using the throw away cups we all know is adding to our environmental issues, using a BPA free Tuffer Tumbler and reusing it is the way to go. Being a quality product people will reuse over many years adding to the life of your branding.

Tuffer Tumblers Australia/NZ is also backed by having a presence in the UK and is currently working on product submissions for the Russian 2014 Winter Olympics.

Tuffer Tumblers are excited to be finally here in Australia and New Zealand and we look forward to the adventure that awaits us!

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Tuffer Tumblers

A new bright and fresh company looking to follow the success of the USA market here in Australia and New Zealand with Tuffer Tumbler- the double walled American tumbler.
Louise Vangestel
P: 0428 909 072


Tuffer Tumblers Launching into the Australian Market



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