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Melbourne, Australia, November 27th, 2012 - Drew Waters, a Melbourne-born web developer and self-confessed news junkie has spent the past 11 years working in New York City as a Digital Media Manager in Broadcast News. With the launch this week of online news site, NewsChomper.com.au, he is bringing his acquired knowledge and expertise back home.

The NewsChomper site is a unique addition to the Australian news media landscape. It brings the concept of news aggregation to our shores.

An online news aggregator uses software that is programmed to periodically search a set of news sources, gather the newest postings, and display them in chronological order on a single page. The power and convenience of news aggregation fulfills the long-held promise of digital media to pull news content to the user, thereby reducing the time and effort required to regularly check individual websites for updates and new stories.

The site uses a dashboard interface that is deceptively simple - focused on readability, light on graphics with minimal clutter and plenty of white space. The presentation is designed to support functionality. Text size can be increased or decreased and background colors changed for ease of readability.

Newschomper displays the most recent headlines from over 600 Australian and International news sites and blogs in a format designed for easy navigation. As well as traditional news, the site displays the most current voices in Social Media, Design, Food, Activism, Visual Art, Film and Book Reviews. A user can sign up and freely customize the site to suit their own tastes via a personal news page.

Waters says, “My intention is that NewsChomper becomes a place of discovery for people. I want to broaden the idea of online news, to kick it out beyond the notion of loyalty to a single news brand or traditional news outlet. No matter what topic you are interested in, there are diverse communities made up of bloggers, experts and enthusiasts writing about that now. These individual voices and communities are closer to the pulse of what is happening in each niche or locale, their stories are more immediate. Seeing these stories alongside headlines from more traditional outlets makes the whole news landscape so much more interesting”

The germ of the idea for NewsChomper arose for Waters as a news diversity project, enabling a more rounded comprehension of news events online.

“The experience of living in New York and the very intense news environment that followed 9/11 was a prodigious experience for me. The mainstream news media, for the most part, took the official talking points and ran with them. The quest for alternative insights required searching the far reaches of the web. I found it both exasperating that it took so much work to stay informed and thoroughly inspirational to find and read all of these alternative viewpoints and stories from citizen journalists and bloggers. The official news outlets became only one source of news among many.“

Perhaps the biggest challenge reading online news is trying to sift through the mountain of digital material published each and every day.

Waters says: “It’s so easy to become numb and rely upon traditional or trusted sources. With Newschomper, I wanted to build a framework or interface for news discovery - an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface for finding the most unique and varied insights online.”

To visit NewsChomper, go to: http://NewsChomper.com.au



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NewsChomper is a multi-page dashboard displaying the latest in online news. Each page, themed by topic, broadcasts up-to-the-minute news headlines from both establishment and alternative news sites and blogs via RSS feed syndication. Readers may sign up for free to create their own personal news page.

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Drew Waters
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