Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

"Through years of experience as chocolatier, I have discovered that chocolate can be helpful with boosting our feelings and returning the calmness to our soul," says Vlado Madzunarov-Robert of Rob's Chocolates.

  • For all those chocolate lovers,
  • For all those that would like to learn about the history of the chocolates,
  • For all those that would like to experience practical work with chocolates,
  • For all those who are dreaming about testing the best chocolates at the same time: Our workshop is the dream come true.

The main purpose of this workshop is to boost the knowledge of the people about the healthy style of eating. Today on the market we have a lot of different chocolate products, but only a small number with higher quality level that can satisfy the healthy eating. After this workshop the course takers will make a much easier choice and satisfaction from the taste of the high quality chocolate will be much more fulfilling.

Why the chocolate is good:

  • For your better protection against cancer
  • For your protection of high blood pressure and cardiovascular decease
  • For your better control of the blood sugar
  • For your pregnancy
  • For fighting depression
  • For improving your mood

We will spend two hours together: talking, working and of course testing a lot of chocolate products.

After this workshop everybody will be able to make their own chocolate truffles and other chocolate products in his/her own kitchen. Your reward from taking this workshop will be the knowledge about melting, tempering, moulding and preserving fresh chocolate products.

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When no one understands you, CHOCOLATE is there.

Created in 2009, by owner Vlado Madzunarov, Rob’s Chocolates
intending to become a leader in the design and creation of chocolate products for the local and international market. Our original products and high quality ingredients and packaging ensure we meet the top standards of quality. We also source only the best Australian and NZ ingredients to use in thecreation of our range.

Our motto is : ” We live too short to be satisfied with cheap low quality confectionery products”.

Explore our rich assortment of chocolate products and give chocolate lovers a pleasure for remembering.

ROB’S CHOCOLATES selling chocolates and organizing chocolate making courses and workshops.

We use only fresh and natural ingredients in the process of making our truffles and other products. Buyers of our products can enjoy remarkable tastes and textures of a truly grand assortment of dark ,milk and white pralines filled with luscious recipes of hazelnut praline,coffee, marzipan, fresh creams and liqueurs. We offer a wide range of sugar free products : chocolates, fruit bars, drops and bonbons. We are happy to deliver to you or for you the assortment of our products with a special card and message on your request. Should you have a desire for a special assortment, or a single recipe, don’t hesitate to ask. We are sure that our chocolate products and gift baskets can offer you pleasure in every sensuous bite!! We look forward to delight you.

Melbourne - Australia
Tel.:061-03-93608133, Fax:061-03-93608133
[email protected]
Vlado Madzunarov-Robert
P: 03-9360 8133
M: 041-8211323


Education For Better Eating And Longer Living


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