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Magazine readership has grown over the last year in a number of categories – including Home & Garden, Food & Entertainment, Health & Family and Women’s Fashion. These are some of the categories that are beating the slightly downward trend of overall magazine readership in Australia which decreased 1.1% in the last year.

A number of Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIMs) also notably achieved significant readership gains in the last 12 months, including:

Boss– up by 8.3%, to 144,000

Wish – up by 7.8%, to 111,000

Financial Review Magazine – up by 2%, to 303,000

These are the latest readership results from Roy Morgan Research, to September 2012.

Magazine Readership by Category1 – 2011 vs 2012

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2010 - September 2011 (n = 52,119); October 2011 - September 2012 (n = 53,220). Based on Australians aged 14+ who ‘read any magazine’ in the category.

With nearly 3.2 million readers, Home & Garden is the 3rd largest magazine category, behind the Mass Women’s and General Interest categories. Home & Garden’s overall lift in readership (up by 108,000 in the last 12 months) is driven by increases in a number of titles, including:

Australian House & Garden – up by 5.7%, to 742,000

Home Beautiful – up by 17.3%, to 420,000

Country Style – up by 9.5%, to 277,000

Belle – up by 21.4%, to 136,000

Real Living – up 7.1%, to 136,000

Your Garden – up 7.5%, to 172,000

The readership lift in Food & Entertainment was driven by increased readership for several titles including Australian Gourmet Traveller, Australian Good Food and Recipes+.

The growth in readership in Health & Family was driven by readership increases for 8 out of the 13 magazines that comprise this category.

The Women’s Fashion category recorded the largest increase in readership, up nearly 7% on last year. This was driven by increases in four of the biggest magazines in this category, which combined reach 93% of total Women’s Fashion readers:

Marie Claire – up by 4.1%, to 434,000

Frankie – up by 31.2%, to 286,000

Harper’s Bazaar – up by 27.4%, to 242,000

Madison – up by 4.8%, to 242,000

George Pesutto, General Manager Media & Communication, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We keep hearing that magazines are losing readers, however the data shows that, far from declining, some categories – like Home & Garden, Food & Entertainment, Health & Family and Women’s Fashion – are making readership gains. This tells us that, as interest grows in categories such as Fashion and Homemaker, so do the number of people who look to magazines to satisfy their appetite for information and inspiration.

“Magazines that successfully deliver the content valued by readers are not only retaining but in fact growing their readership and providing a highly engaged audience within genres that would be as appealing to advertisers as ever.”

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