Monday, November 19th, 2012
Animato Strings has announced that there will be a public draw on 1st December 2012 at 12pm for the winner of Animato's musical quiz contest. The winner will be drawn from the entries of participants who correctly answered all the questions of the quiz. Violin-, viola- and cello-players can still take part in the contest. It closes at the end of November. Details are available on Animato's website

The public draw will be recorded on video at Animato's premises at 62 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove, Queensland. The video recording will be made available on YouTube for viewing the same evening.

Dietrich Lasa, Director of Animato Strings, said:
"The conditions are as follows: Only musicians or their parents may enter and they may enter only once, and the prize will be either a violin, viola or cello, depending on the winner’s main string instrument. Therefore a winning violinist will win a violin, a viola student will win a viola (or a violin strung as a viola) and a cellist will win a cello. The level of quality will be chosen at the discretion of Animato Strings."

Dietrich also mentioned that the size of the instrument would be chosen by Animato to suit the winner’s current or future needs and that it would be appreciated if the winner was available for a short video recording for YouTube.


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