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November 11 – 17 is Orangutan Caring Week. This year, celebrate Christmas by giving a special gift to a loved one that will provide support to our closest relatives; the critically endangered orangutan.

This Christmas, help support The Orangutan Project (TOP).

Christmas Gift Cards
The Orangutan Project Gift Cards are designed to be purchased and then gifted to your chosen recipient in time for Christmas. The following gift cards are available for you to purchase:

• Christmas Gift Card – 12 months medicine for an orangutan $75.00
• Christmas Gift Card – 30 orangutans fed for a month $35.00
• Christmas Gift Card – One infant orangutan’s care $55.00

Adopt an Orphan Orangutan in need of your help!

Each orphan parent will receive his or her very own adoption pack including a certificate. Adopting an orphan orangutan is also affordable, starting at just $55 per year!

Meet Some of Our Orangutan Orphans:


Chocolate is an adorable 2½-year-old male, who arrived at the centre in June 2012. When he was found in Southwest Aceh, he was very thin, with dry skin and dull, wiry hair. Chocolate was quite shy when he was first rescued, but after he was introduced to another young male orangutan, named ‘Pandu’, they began playing together and have since become best friends. With your help and support, this increasingly healthy and happy orangutan has an extremely promising future!


Bunga arrived at the centre in West Kalimantan in November 2009. She was about 2½ years old. When she was first rescued, she was rather cautious and rarely left her caregiver’s side. However she gradually became increasingly independent and made a friend for life in Cindy, a female of Bunga’s age who was rescued in February 2010. The two girls are both competent climbers and spend most of their time not far apart from each other. These days she is a cheeky infant of between 4 and 5 years old, with a healthy appetite and gaining weight steadily.
This beautiful young orangutan is Monti, a 3-year-old female who was rescued in 2009. It took the rescue team several days to track Monti down after being alerted of her existence and when she was found, she needed care 24/7, just like a human baby. It took a while, but eventually Monti was well and strong enough to join in the fun and games with the other young orangutans at the centre. Monti is a very sweet and inquisitive young girl, and with your help this Christmas, she will be able to continue her development and live a happy and healthy life.

Meet all our orphan orangutans at

Partner Products:

These fantastic products below all donate a percentage of sales proceeds to The Orangutan Project. Each purchase gives back to support orangutan conservation.

Young Greeting Cards
Young Greeting Cards sells quality Phoenix Trading products including greeting cards, postcards, gift wrap, boxes, ribbons, stationery and accessories. 5% of every sale is donated to The Orangutan Project.

Palm Oil Free Products
The first licensed shop of The Orangutan Project, Palm Oil Free Products sells Australian made Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products that are free of Palm Oil. There are so many great Australian made palm oil free products available, however it's difficult to find them all in one we thought we'd offer a selection of them in one shop: The Palm Oil Free Products shop. 5% of sales go directly to The Orangutan Project.

Goodwill Wines
Goodwill Wines donate 50% of the profit of every bottle from a select range of Australian wines to support The Orangutan Project's work. The wines are specially labeled for The Orangutan Project making these bottles a wonderful gift for wine-loving friends and family!

ECO Minerals
ECO minerals Luxury Natural Makeup makes any skin look perfect and flawless...100% Natural Australian mineral makeup created in beautiful Byron Bay. Top up with ECO friendly refills and help our Planet by minimising plastic waste. ECO minerals makeup has 100% natural, safe ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. 25% of every sale is donated to The Orangutan Project!

Cuddly Orange Friends:

For those who want some cuddly friends, the TOP has a range of toys for all ages.

Large Owen Orangutan RRP $65.00
Lil Orangutan RRP $17.20
My Beany Babe RRP $15.20

Beautiful Books:

Finding Sheeko RRP $8.30

Educate yourself and your kids on the plight of Critically Endangered orangutans with inspirational and informative books. ‘Finding Sheeko’ and ‘Adventures with Ollie the Orangutan’ are perfect bedtime stories that are sure to move and enlighten you and your kids.

Ollie the Orangutan RRP $11.30

Follow the adventures of Ollie the Orangutan through his rain forest home. This true-to-life story is about endangered orangutans, in particular, a young male named Ollie. This book will educate both you and your kids on where orangutans live, what they eat, how they survive, and the adventures they get up to along the way!

Further information, adoption details and other gift ideas can be found at The Orangutan Project website,

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