Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Global LED Lighting Leader LiquidLEDs Unveils New Range of LED Products that Combine the Best of Incandescent Light Bulb Design and Innovative LED Lighting Technology

LiquidLEDs Lighting a leading authority in the global LED lighting industry, recently unveiled three new lines of elegant, powerful and energy-efficient LED lighting devices to a market eager for more energy-saving solutions. Built as green solutions for both home and commercial purposes, the three new lines are comprised of the 5-watt G95 LED Globe range, the 5-watt GLS LED light bulbs, and the 6-watt Edison LED globe.

G95 LED Globes
The G95 LED Globe range, which comes in clear and opal variants, as well as B22/bayonet cap and E27/Edison screw base configurations, offers a fresh approach to the classic engineering of the incandescent light bulb. Featuring an elegant round glass bulb, the product has been designed to generate a 360-degree beam spread, all while using 5 watts of power to emit 350 lumens of light.

GLS LED Light Bulbs
LiquidLEDs’ GLS LED light bulbs are also imbued with the classic design of the incandescent bulb in mind, and are perhaps the best-suited replacement LEDs for existing lights at home and the office. With their diminutive size, these bulbs belie their true power, generating 350 lumens just with 5 watts of electricity. The range also comes in both B22 and E27 base configurations, and a variety of clear and pearl finishes.

6-watt Edison Light Bulbs
The 6-watt Edison light bulbs by LiquidLEDs are the most powerful devices of the bunch, generating a generous 470 lumens of light for a mere 6 watts of electricity. Built as a replacement LED light for large spaces like lobbies, long hallways and more, the Edison light bulb is LiquidLEDs attempt to pay homage to Thomas Edison himself. These LEDs also come in B22/bayonet cap and E27/Edison screw base configurations, and a variety of clear and opal finishes.

LiquidLEDs notes that their three new LED lighting devices specifically combine the design of the classic light bulb with 21st century LED lighting technology, the better to make the transition from old to new lights easier for the average consumer. With many consumers reporting an aversion to spirally and space age-looking light bulbs, LiquidLEDs new range of products is the company’s answer to this aesthetic issue.

The new products are currently available at www.LiquidLEDs.com.au.

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