Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
In one of those all too rare heart-warming stories, a descendant of a genocide survivor is now in a position to support the human rights movement and has sponsored the 2012 Human Rights Photo Competition via 3 high end camera stores in Sydney.

The theme of ‘human rights’ will be explored in the 2012 Photo Competition with the intention of raising awareness for this ongoing issue http://humanrights.gov.au/PhotoCompetition2012/index.html in which there are two distinct categories; entries by those under eighteen, and entries by those eighteen and over. As per the rules of the competition, each month a winner will be chosen from both categories, with eventual overall winners being chosen from these monthly winners.

The theme of ‘human rights’ for this year's competition promises to help raise awareness of Human Rights abuses through the medium of grass roots photography. The inherent idea of human rights will capture a wide spectrum of emotions, and mean different things, to varying groups of people. It is hoped the competition will generate meaningful and moving shots from all competitors.

Though human rights are the same for everybody, and they apply all across the world, capturing the idea of human rights in a single photograph will help to bring out the essence of what these very rights mean to you. Depending on how you view the world, and how you have been brought up within society, you may choose to photograph somebody overcoming a hardship either in your society, or one entirely foreign to you, or you may choose to capture a celebration, be it a cultural holiday, an educational milestone, or a simple family gathering.

Shant Kradjian, Managing Director of digiDIRECT http://www.digidirect.com.au/  said “As descendants of genocide survivors, we support human rights causes, therefore this competition was close to our hearts. digiDIRECT is proud to support a competition which helps raise awareness for human rights issues in Australia and around the world."
He added: "At digiDIRECT we are on a mission to support grassroots photography and it doesn’t get any more meaningful than this competition. We would like to extend our congratulations to all the competitors for their outstanding contributions."

The support of DigiDirect has been invaluable in encouraging grass roots photographers of all ages to get out there and use their imaginations, and strong photographic skills, to pour creativity into their camera to create the perfect image, frozen in time, describing exactly what human rights means to them.

All winners and shortlisted entries in both categories for the 2012 Photo Competition will be displayed online, and at the Human Rights Awards 2012 in Sydney. Overall winners will also receive Canon EOS-1100D Digital SLR Camera Single kits courtesy of digiDIRECT http://www.digidirect.com.au/slr_cameras/canon/canon_eos_1100d_dslr_including__ef-s_18-55mm_is_ii_ef-s_55-250mm_is_lenses_-_black , with all prizes being presented during the course of the Human Rights Awards 2012. To participate in the under eighteen category you will have to be under eighteen as at 30 November 2012, and you will therefore need permission from your parent or guardian to submit your entry.

The Photo Competition has been a popular event across Australia for many years, with previous popular themes including ‘the right to education’, ‘dignity and justice for all of us’, and ‘respect’. The popularity of the competition has lead to a steady increase in entries over time, with the 2012 competition expected to surpass all expectations thanks to its strong and relatable theme, bringing in the highest number of entries yet.

DigiDirect operates three high end Digital camera stores around Sydney and is proud to support both the Human Rights movement and grass roots photography.

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