Saturday, November 10th, 2012
AN exhibition that redefines West Australian culture and the State’s valued way of life is currently on show at The York Mill Boiler Room Gallery.

Running until December 2, Northam artist Patricia Rose put together The Western Essence after being invited to exhibit.

"The exhibition focuses on the sense of space we have grown to value amid the current political climate of imported work forces and political focus on growth, expansion and development and excess capitalism,” she said.

“We are faced with a threatened way of life as our growing population and material stimulus work to cloud our visions of equality and humanity.

"The human aspects of our culture are being altered by capital-dominating powers in control of political decisions, based on filling the pockets of elitists with our much-loved soil.

“These powers are being disguised as global equalitarian and are, in fact, bribing our countrymen out of the ownership of their country.

“This shift in power is reverberated through education, employment and home-ownership affordability."

Born in 1968, Rose has been working in the arts for nearly 30 years – while oil painting is her specialty she has recently taken to water colours as a quick form of stimulation.

She is a self-educated artist and has lived in Northam for the past 12 years, working with the local Nyoongar and other community members on various initiatives, including public art projects and educational programs.

“This has contributed to my subject interests being primarily of an indigenous nature,” Rose said. “I also have a large interest in the environment and landscapes.

“I prefer to work from life but some subjects and mediums require a studio structure.

“I like to spend a lot of time in the bush where I seek solitude and connatural connections.”

With The Western Essence, Rose hopes to jolt West Australians back into reality.

“I hope to remind people of their true cultural values and work to preserve what really matters,” he said.

“In my view, what matters is the preservation of human values and how we are all connected in the environment and to each other.

“We cannot be separated from what is real. The reality is we cannot eat our material possessions."

The York Mill Managing Director John Langton added: “Pat’s style is new to the gallery and presents a fresh view on rural landscapes and the characters within.”

Patricia Rose will be artist-in-residence on November 17, 18, December 1 and 2.

The York Mill is at 10 Henrietta Street, York, and the gallery is open 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday. For more details, call (08) 9641 2900 or go to

we-patricia rose.jpg: Artist Patricia Rose wants to jolt West Australians back into reality with her latest exhibition.

we-dependant.jpg: Dependant, one of Patricia Rose’s art works featured in her latest exhibition The Western Essence.

we-Mt_Omnie_2010.jpg. Mt Omnie 2010, one of several Patricia Rose works on show at The York Mill Boiler Room Gallery.

we-Millington_St_Triptic.jpg: Patricia Rose’s Millington St Triptic, part of her The Western Essence exhibition.

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