Thursday, November 8th, 2012
Hong Kong, Nov 8, 2012 -- (ACN Newswire) -- In the fall edition of 'Promontory Sightlines', leading experts, led by Eugene A. Ludwig, Founder and Chief Executive of Promontory Financial Group, the leading global regulatory consulting firm, called on companies to better understand the changing global regulatory environment in order to increase their competitiveness.

"Understanding regulatory change better than the company next door has compelling business advantages," said Mr. Ludwig.

In Asia, both Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced this year stricter rules for IPO sponsors and other advisers on due diligence and disclosure. Regulators also have more autonomy in leveling sanctions, with the SFC handing down record fines for rule violations in recent months.

"IPO sponsors in China and Hong Kong should recognize that regulators have set their sights on a more transparent and reliable IPO process in 2013," commented Ronald Gould, Promontory's Managing Director for Greater China in an article in 'Promontory Sightlines'. "Investor protection is now the main priority for regulators and the potential cost of providing inadequate work is rising sharply. IPO sponsors need to reexamine their due diligence, information transparency, and IPO management processes."

The fall edition of 'Promontory Sightlines' also includes articles by:

-- Carlo Comporti, director of Promontory's Paris office and Raffaele Cosimo, Chief Operating Officer of Promontory Europe, who outline steps banks should be taking in reaction to the 'roadmap' set out by European policymakers for a European Banking Union

-- Anthony Murphy, an advisor on corporate strategy, risk and asset liability management, who analyzes Libor as a global interest rate benchmark against six potential alternatives. He concludes that it may be preferable to reform Libor, rather than replace it.

-- Mark Loewenthal, who advises on privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery, and writes about how companies can avoid breaches of customer data and how to respond should one occur

-- William J. Toppeta, a senior advisor specialized in governance at insurance companies, who sizes up new compliance requirements for insurance companies in the areas of privacy, solvency and combating money laundering

"Financial companies everywhere, including in Asia, must review their geographic footprint to ensure they can manage on-going change to the regulatory environment, even down to their organization and business model. Managers even two years ago would not recognize the regulatory environment today - good preparation and foresight now will deliver strong competitive advantages in the future," said Mr. Gould.

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