Thursday, November 8th, 2012
This Christmas Brisbane psychic medium Julianna Suranyi is using her ability to contact the deceased as unique help for the living by sharing Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit in beautifully designed e-cards.

Costing just $19, people purchase the e-cards at for themselves or as a gift for another and nominate the Loved One in Spirit they wish to receive a message from.

As a professional psychic medium for more than 20 years, Ms Suranyi has never had a person in Spirit she could not contact. She is thrilled to offer a respectful, direct and accessible way for people to hear from a Loved One in Spirit they miss, especially at this poignant, family-oriented time of year.

“Connecting with people’s Loved Ones in Spirit to see what messages they want to share with the living is a joy because the Spirits are so excited to have a way to share their messages and feelings,” she said.

“For most people, one of the hardest parts about losing someone they love is not being able to hear from them. As a psychic medium, speaking to the dead is what I do; so to share their messages with those who are living in a format that people can email and share or print out and frame is exciting to me and to the spirits I contact for messages.”

The e-cards do not contain a psychic reading, which Ms Suranyi classifies as an answer to a specific question that someone has asked, but instead contain messages that the Loved Ones in Spirit want to give the person who has asked for one, to help them in their life at this time.

“Of the e-cards we have delivered so far, many do contain some level of guidance or direction for the person who has purchased one, but others contain messages of love, humour and determination from the Loved Ones in Spirit, which bring strength, comfort and relief to the living,” she said.

When ordering an e-card, people submit the name of the person or people the e-card is to, the person or people the e-card is from and the name of the Loved One in Spirit they wish to receive a message from. Ms Suranyi then connects to the Loved Ones in Spirit for their message and the e-cards are delivered as a PDF file within three business days.

“We also offer e-cards containing Messages from Your Spirit Guides with information that your Spirit Guides want to help you with right now and these have been just as popular,” Ms Suranyi said.

In addition to the $19 e-cards, also offers one question online psychic readings for $22 where people get clarity around one particular issue; one-on-one psychic readings for $110, where people spend 30 minutes online exclusively with Ms Suranyi and ask unlimited questions about multiple issues; 2013 Online Psychic Readings about areas to be aware of in your life for next year for $129 and gift vouchers for online psychic readings and instantly downloadable meditations from just $5.

Appearing on Channel 7’s 'The Morning Show' for her profiling advice when needed and doing live psychic Q’s & A’s on each fortnight, Ms Suranyi provides online psychic readings from Monday to Friday on She does not need to see clients or use an object/photograph to provide her psychic readings or e-card messages, making the internet the perfect vehicle for her ability.


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Professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Profiler Julianna Suranyi provides practical information not platitudes with online psychic readings and e-products at that give people solutions to help them decide their future.

Her background includes working with police, corporations and government departments in forensics, recruitment, corporate training and behavioural management in addition to providing psychic readings for people around the world for more than 20 years.

Internationally acclaimed for her ability, Julianna has appeared on 'The Morning Show', 'The Circle', 'Mornings with Kerri-Anne' and 'Today' and has featured in many printed publications including 'That's Life', 'Insight' and 'The Sunday Mail' as well as numerous radio shows.
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P: 0419 661 085


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