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The creators of The Mindfulness App II, sequel to the popular meditation app, want the whole world to discover meditation.


MindApps announces The Mindfulness App II, the sequel to the popular meditation app, now available in the App Store. Soon the apps will be available in eight languages, both for iPhone and Android. The vision is crystal clear to the creators of the app: Make the whole world discover meditation. With the app, users can meditate anytime, anywhere: on the bus on the way to work, in bed at night or when they go for a walk.

Meditation has many effects that make us more harmonious people, as we start to feel better. And when we are harmonious, we are also more compassionate and open to things around us.

"We want to help make the world a better place by making meditation accessible to all people, wherever they are. And the mobile phone you always carry with you," says Martin Wikfalk, mindfulness teacher and one of the founder of Mindapps.

It is scientifically pro ven that meditation improves our sleep, results in better relationships, stronger immune system and greater self-awareness. It reduces our feelings of stress at the same time as it makes us more effective. In other words your quality of life improves, as well as your ability to handle the everyday puzzle and negative thoughts that often want to intrude.

"You become more grounded and steady. When negative thoughts comes it is easier to see through them," says Magnus Fridh, also a meditation teacher and the other founder of Mindapps.

It's not complicated to get started and it does not need not be particularly time consuming. Shorter meditations more often is better than longer meditations more seldom. Scientific studies have shown that positive effects of meditation are noticeable in the body only after a few weeks of meditation for 20 minutes.

The great thing about the apps is that you can meditate anytime, anywhere: on the bus on the way to work, in bed at night or when you go for a walk. We get very positive response from our users, and a person who has downloaded the app wrote that she stays five minutes in the car every day and medi- tate before getting into the family. As a re-start after work, says Magnus.

During the past three months more than 350,000 meditations were completed through the apps and The Mindfulness app is one of the most downloaded health apps in Scandinavia. Mindapps is now releasing The Mindfulness App II, with ten new meditations, six guided and four silent, the ability to set your own length, and the option to set reminders in various ways. With these two apps on the mobile phone no one need to miss the opportunity to meditate.

As a part of our vision to change the world through meditation, we have translated the apps into English, French, German and Danish. During the autumn, they will be launched in Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian says Magnus.

Get started

It does not need to be need not be difficult or time consuming to get started with meditation. Here is a beginner program from Magnus and Martin.

1. Choose a time three or four times a week when it suits you to meditate. For example, on the bus to or from work, at lunch, walking or in bed at night.

2. Choose one of the meditations in the mindfulness-apps, and listen to it during the ltimes that you have dedicated to this. Choose a short meditation if you are a beginner.

3. Scientific studies show that the effects will already appear after eight weeks of regular meditation. Good luck!

The Mindfulness App II is a tool to be more fully here in the life that we're living.

Feature Highlights:

You can easily choose among 6 new guided meditations - Mountain meditation, Lake meditation, Lovingkindness meditation, Standing meditation, Walking meditation and a longer Body Scan. Choose the type of meditation that suits you in the moment - for example if you have some time in the subway, on the bus, in a queue or if you just want to sit for a while

By setting reminders at times and days of your choice you can get a message when it's time to meditate

You can also set reminders randomly or be reminded when you arrive or leave a specific location

40 new Mindfulness Notices that helps you increase your presence in daily life

Through the Mindfulness App II you can simply "call yourself up" from time to time to check whether you really are there

All completed meditations are stored in the statistics section so that you can follow how your meditation practice is developing over time

Pricing and Availability:

The Mindfulness App and The Mindfulness App II are available in the AppStore for $1.99 AUS in the Health & Fitness category. The Mindfulness App is available in Google Play for $1.99 AUS. 

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MindApps develops tools to help people find a better balance in today's increasingly stressful existence. We use the latest technology to come closer to ourselves. Our latest App, "The Mindfulness App II", is a tool to become more present in your life. MindApps is a company that is run by Martin Wikfalk, Mindfulness and Yoga instructor and Magnus Fridh, Yoga instructor and musician. Copyright (C) 2012 MindApps. All Rights Reserved.
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