Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
14th November from 2 to 6 pm at Australian Technology Park, Redfern.

Most business owners have little idea about government grants and other forms of assistance for business. The smell of government red-tape indeed keeps a lot of SME owners away from even trying.

"When we researched the event several months ago a couple of government agency insiders admitted off the record that several of the programs are not fully subscribed year after year. Money that could have gone to support the business sector goes back into the government coffers," says Mike Boorn Plener, Managing Director of Business Connector.

He says that's one of the core reasons why Grants Connector now features experts from AusIndustry, State Training Services, Office of State Revenue, Innovation Australia, and, importantly, a select group of advisors like Grant Ready, Pattens and TCF that can help business owners receive the grants they qualify for.

Grants Connector is a key event during Global Entrepreneurship Week, which this year is being held in multiple Australian cities, and which is part of the global GEW movement, in Australia supported by the Prime Minister.

Bruce Patten, Managing Director of successful grants company Pattens Group and previous Group Financial Controller of Cochlear Ltd said “Australian businesses struggle more than ever to compete with cheap imports from Asia while the strong Aussie dollar inhibits the export success experienced for many years. There are over 600 grants worth more than $50 Billion available each year but unfortunately many businesses are not aware of them or how to claim them successfully. This event will provide ongoing benefits to Australian businesses for years to come”

Grants Connector is a mix of workshops and short seminars with an expo where business owners can connect face–to–face with experts in securing grants, in developing business plans, in getting the business finances ready for a grant. In short it's a one–stop–shop for securing government funding.

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Business Connector

At Business Connector we believe that Australian SME businesses have a massive untapped potential. And only by bringing people together and connecting business owners with each other and with people from large enterprises and government can we together grow what is the most important sector in Australia's future.
Mike Boorn Plener, Managing Director
P: 0413 313 314

Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia

GEW is this year being organised in 125 countries. Including Sydney. During this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov 12th – 18th, organisations are partnering up to represent the pinnacle of entrepreneurial and business leadership development in Australia.



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