Saturday, December 26th, 2009

SYDNEY, Australia, 26 December 2009 – Online shopping has exploded in Australia with 300, 000 US stores opening their sites to Australian online shoppers in time for the post-Christmas sales.

This holiday season 85% of internet users shopped online. Promoting this growth is comGateway, a new website that enables you to shop at American online stores previously unavailable to Australians.

Australian shoppers can now pick up the best post-Christmas bargains from the shopping mecca of Bloomingdales, Gap, Pottery Barn, Saks 5th Avenue, The Sharper Image and many more department, boutique and niche stores.

Australian online shoppers can also purchase hard-to-get products at significantly discounted prices from sites that often don’t ship to Australia, including the US Ebay and Amazon. ComGateway has made this possible by providing American shipping addresses, purchasing power and discounted shipping through DHL. Previously, 65% of online US stores were inaccessible to Aussiess as locally issued credit cards and shipping addresses were not accepted.

Purchasing goods imported from the US is often prohibitively expensive due to import taxes, duties and overheads that are passed on to the consumer. However, comGateway lets Australians shoppers overcome these shopping restrictions and domestic mark-ups by enabling them to purchase direct from the US. However, for cross-border online purchases, there is a generous tax-free allowance of $1000.

Recent research out of the UK suggests confidence in online shopping has grown significantly this past year. This research is reflected by the dramatic increase in online spending which rose by 11% to £5.3bn in November compared to 2008. The opening of 300 000 American stores through comGateway is likely to trigger a dramatic increase in Australian online spending.

“It makes great business sense for both Australian shoppers and American retailers,” said comGateway CEO Danny Lim. “There are so many desirable US products that Australian shoppers either cannot access or must wait months for the Australian release. With Australians spending 30% of their leisure time online, US retailers have an opportunity to offer products Australian’s cannot get at home through a platform they enjoy and are familiar with. However, unfortunately, many American e-retailers will not accept credit cards issued by Australian banks or ship to local addresses. ComGateway is a bridge over these boundaries,” he said.

ComGateway can purchase on the shopper’s behalf from stores that do not accept Australian credit cards and can provide a US address for sites that won’t ship to Australia. The goods are then shipped to the comGateway US address and sent on to Australia. ComGateway is able to provide a discounted shipping service due to their business relationship with DHL.

Savvy shoppers can avoid the post-Christmas sales fray and stay at home in the air conditioning, saving the petrol and parking money for something less stressful and more enjoyable.

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ComGateway launched its first service in 2005 and has experienced rapid growth through a commitment to continued research and development. ComGateway is designed to make life easier for shoppers by finding practical, efficient and user-friendly ways to facilitate cross-border online shopping. With the aim of enabling free-flowing global e-commerce, comGateway prioritises affordable shipping and fraud prevention and its focus on these priorities has supported the global expansion of comGateway’s service.
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Online shopping has exploded in Australia with 300, 000 US stores opening their sites to Australian online shoppers in time for the post-Christmas sales.



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