Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Benjamin Mauerberger, is head of commercial judicial proceeding at Abels Law. Senior London Bankers were claiming €30 million of unpaid bonuses. Mauerberger wins claim on behalf of Bankers

Benjamin Mauerberger, is head of commercial judicial proceeding at Abels Law, was acted for 76 of the 99 Prime’s bankers in 1983. Those bankers were claiming €30 million of unpaid bonuses which were promised by Prime Bank before its takeover by EXIM Bank. In this dispute high court ruled that EXIM bank is liable to pay the promised bonuses to the bankers.

 Benjamin Mauerberger faced many challenges during the proceeding of the high profile case. These challenges include, firstly the EXIM Bank with incredibly large fighting fund and secondly, handling 76 bankers who were claiming the bonuses. The broader connotation of the situation is that a company who /give a serious guarantee to its workers should not believe that the guarantee can be unilaterally removed or changed.

As a lawyer Benjamin Mauerberger has many unforgettable experiences such as a case of very strange defendant who stole the rubbish of a celebrity with a perspective of discovering details that could be marketed through the Media. Mauerberger was acting as the supervising solicitor in the case. His house was filled with bin liners full of rubbish. The case was solved after a five-day search.

Ben Mauerberger became an attorney because he enjoyed the complex challenges and aggressive debates.

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