Monday, November 5th, 2012

Compared to the average Australian, racegoers are more than twice as likely to have an income greater than $100,000. In fact, nearly one third (29%) of all racegoers earn more than $80,000.

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup much media attention turns to Flemington, and its often elaborate marquees - particularly in the Birdcage – which represent a significant investment for brands wanting to create a real presence and impact in this environment. This is especially relevant to racegoers who are there at the track, given that some 761,000 Australians 14+ attended a horse racing event in the last 12 months, according to Roy Morgan Research.

In terms of occupation, racegoers are more likely to be White Collar Workers (compared to the Australian population) and nearly twice as likely to be a Professional/Manager. They are also much less likely to be unemployed.

Given the tendency for racegoers to be high-income professionals, it is not surprising they are also more likely to be in the AB socio-economic quintile; in fact one third of racegoers are ABs.

Racegoers don’t just earn more money – they are also more likely to spend more. Some 58% of racegoers are classified as ‘Big Spenders’, nearly twice the average Australian.

George Pesutto, General Manager Media & Communication, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“While the Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest events on Australian television, this data highlights the importance of the spectators who attend horse racing events.

“With the Spring Racing Carnival now underway and on the eve of the Melbourne Cup we’re reminded of the value of an engaged spectator audience. This is particularly important for horse racing, which boasts such a high-end and highly valued demographic.

“For sponsors involved in horse racing these events provide the perfect opportunity to reach high value consumers. Sponsors should be taking advantage of every opportunity to leverage their association with the sport at the races, particularly during this key time of year.”


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