Monday, November 5th, 2012
When people hear the words raw food they could be mistaken to think ‘salads and smoothies’. They may think ‘boring’, ‘too healthy’ or ‘way too much hard work’.

Passionate raw foodie, Tansy Boggon is on a mission to dispel these myths and show Adelaideans that raw foods can be delicious and easy to make. Her recent Christmas treats workshop included simple and indulgent raw foods such as ‘egg’ nog, white Christmas and chocolate truffles.

To expose more people to indulgent raw foods, Tansy is launching the first ever raw food High Tea in Adelaide, and possibly Australia. Guests will experience savouries such as raw mini pizza, raw cup cakes and raw chocolates. Rather than a champagne on arrival, guests will receive a green juice to whet their appetite. People will be able to leave feeling they have indulged, without the guilt we often feel after attending similar events.

Tansy hopes through these High Teas she will be able to expose more people to raw foods and motivate them to incorporate more raw foods into their diet. ‘Each guest will receive a recipe card to take home so they too can make these delicious morsels for themselves and friends’ Tansy explains.

Raw foods have many health benefits such as improving digestion and increasing absorption of vital nutrients. However, raw foods also provide a delicious range of foods suitable for those who are intolerant of dairy, gluten or sugar. Tansy believes this is where there is the greatest appeal, as people with intolerances or who choose to exclude these foods for health reasons are hard pushed to find foods that are creamy, rich and full of flavour and compare to the normal versions. ‘There just aren’t all that many places to eat out in Adelaide for people who choose to eat raw foods or a diet free of gluten, dairy and sugar’, says Tansy.

Tansy’s approach to raw foods is to introduce a little at a time and discover the health benefits for yourself. She encourages people to start with the worst offenders in their diets, which are often the sweets and snacks. All of her workshops this year have included a sweet treat, but in the New Year Tansy plans to shift gears with her business and begin to offer a range of raw chocolates and raw foods supplies from the wellness centre she manages part-time in Fullarton.

Tansy hopes more people will be inspired to eat raw foods and that it will become a norm and easier to access throughout Adelaide.

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