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Brazil is an appealing tourist destination, and Sao Paulo is the country’s largest city. Although Sao Paulo residents work hard, they party even harder. This is why the city is livelier at night. In fact, a vacation in Sao Paulo would not be complete without going to a club. It is one way Paulistanos relax their minds.

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Getting In and Around Sao Paulo

  • Airplane

People who are planning to visit Sao Paulo need to check the Brazil tourism website to obtain information regarding customs and visas. When traveling by plane, tourists need to take note that there are three major airports located in Sao Paulo. These are Guarulhos International, Congonhas and Viracopos. Guarulhos and Viracopos cater to both international and domestic flights. Congonhas only handles domestic flights.

Sao Paulo Airport

People from abroad who are flying into Sao Paulo will most likely arrive at Guarulhos International Airport. This is also known as Cumbica. It is 40 kilometers away from the city center. It consists of two terminals for carriers that include Brazilian Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air France, Swiss, Korean Air, Delta, United and American. International flights land at Viracopos International Airport especially when weather conditions are unpleasant.

  • Buses

Upon arrival at the airport, tourists have several transportation options. People can tour around Sao Paulo by bus. They can find three main bus terminals in the city, and the Metro network serves all of them. These terminals are Terminal Rodoviaro do Tiete, Terminal Rodoviaro da Barra Funda and Terminal Rodoviaro de Jabaquara. Tourists must take note that Sao Paulo transport during peak hours can be an unpleasant experience as the traffic can be intense.

Sao Paulo Trafic

  • Trains

Tourists prefer riding the train because this it the safest and most convenient way of going to their destination. There are three networks that operate the rail lines. The lines are also colored for the tourists to easily identify which line is going to where.

Locals use smartcards for riding the train, but tourists who do not have one need to get one-trip ticket that costs R$3.00. This one-trip ticket allows passengers to go as far as they want. White links on the map indicate free trains transfers, and black links refer to paid transfers. Every station has an automatic machine or counter where single tickets can be bought.

Sao Paulo Trains

  • Taxi

Tourists also have the option to take a cap upon the arrival at the airport. It will be easy for visitors to identify which cab is headed to Sao Paulo because they are white with a shiny sign that reads TAXI on the roof top. It is also important for tourists to make sure that every cab they take has a license sticker, driver’s identification card with photo and the license plate.

Cheaper street-hailed and radio taxis are available in Sao Paulo. People should look for white taxis along city squares and at other larger venues. It is also possible to order taxis by telephone. These are referred to as radio taxis. Tourists who are staying at a hotel simply ask the reception to give the radio cab a call. These radio companies may also offer airport transfers.

Sao Paulo Taxis

  • Car

It can also be practical to rent a car when visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is due to the fact that there are some places that only cars can reach. It is also an ideal mode of transportation for tourists who are planning on traveling on long distances. In fact, it is the most convenient mode of transportation. It is also an essential tool for most paulistanos. However, it is not recommended for tourists to drive in big cities because traffic and parking can make the experience a nightmare.

Sao Paulo Traffic

Things to Do In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil has plenty of panoramic views and great sights to behold. It is not going difficult for tourists to discover the sights, sounds and tastes in the city because there are numerous options to choose from. A vacation in Sao Paulo will not be complete without exploring the city’s tourist attractions.

Sao Paulo Panorama

These places are worthy of exploration and visitors should bring a camera to capture images of enthralling places and structures. Sao Paulo has plenty of museums and culture centers that depict the nation as a whole. The notable places in this city that people can visit include Museo do Ipiranga, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo, Museu de Arte Moderna and Pinacoteca do Estado.

Children can be kept entertained and occupied when visiting Sao Paulo because it is full of zoos and theme parks. They can go to the Sao Paulo Zoo, Playcenter, Sao Paulo Aquarium, Catavento Cultural and Mudo da Xuxa. Tourists who want to buy gifts for their loved ones back home can also head for the shopping centers and malls in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo Zoo

Noteworthy shopping areas include Rua 25 de Marco, Avenida, Rua Augusta and Avenida Paulista. Morumbi Market Place consists of more than 600 shops that offer diverse options for tourists.

Visiting Sao Paulo will not be complete without capping it off with a superb dining experience. Tourists have a vast array of Brazilian cuisine to choose from. Virado a Paulista is typical Sao Paulo’s food. It consists of sautéed collard greens, rice and bisteca or pork chops. The dish is also sprinkled with a fried egg, fried banana, sausauge bits and pork rinds. Sao Paulo is also blessed with bars, and tourist looking for a place to unwind will surely consider Sao Paulo a perfect base for them.

Sao Paulo Bars

Where to Find Accommodation in Sao Paulo

Apartments are popular in Sao Paulo because they are cheaper than staying at a hotel. Rental apartments in Brazil are normally unfurnished. They are usually located in 10 to 30 story buildings called predios.

Sao Paulo Predios

Rent prices also depend on different factors such as the building’s condition and the neighborhood. It is often convenient to look for accommodations online or in newspapers.

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