Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Light Globe Replacement celebrated the third anniversary of recycling 100% of the light globes replaced by their lighting maintenance specialists, the Globe Jockeys.

Although providing energy efficient lighting, fluorescent light tubes contain the highly toxic element mercury and are prohibited in land fills and incinerators. Recovery and recycling is the only responsible way to ensure environmental sustainability.

As a high-end user of fluorescent light tubes, Light Globe Replacement saw the need to show their commitment to the environment by recycling used tubes in an environmentally friendly manner right from the outset. Just over three years ago, that effort was increased to 100%.

"Rather than offer recycling as an optional service, we decided to be fully committed" states director Mrs Penny Field, "and made it our company policy to include recycling as a standard practice for 100% of tubes supplied and replaced."

When a client supplies their own light globes, the Globe Jockeys offer to take their old globes away for a nominal recycling fee.

Corporate clients can also receive a recycling certificate in their company name. This allows businesses to display their own eco-friendly practice and further promote ecological responsibility.


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Light Globe Replacement

Light Globe Replacement (known also as 'The Globe Jockeys') have been operating in Sydney since 2000.

With a background in field control and electrical services, the company's directors saw a need to focus on efficient and responsible light globe replacement. "We'll fix your blinkin' lights" became their calling card with services focused on Lighting Maintenance, Electrical Repairs, Exit & Emergency Light Testing, and Test & Tagging of Electrical Equipment.

Head Office:
Level 10, 122 Arthur Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060


Mrs Penny Field
P: 1800 245 623
W: www.globejockeys.com.au/

Light Globe Replacement (Corporate)

Incorporated in Australia, Field Control & Electrical Services Pty. Limited is the parent company for Globe Jockeys and Lamp Recyclers. http://www.lightglobereplacement.com.au/
Mrs Penny Field
W: www.lightglobereplacement.com.au/


Light Globe Replacement (the Globe Jockeys) has marked three years of their 100% recycling policy on replaced light globes and fluorescent tubes.


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