Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
Bundubags is a bag company with a difference. They make beautiful, innovative, recycled bags, with a core belief that lives can be changed by design. Bundubags, which is based in South Africa, began with a creative idea, a love of contemporary African design and a heart for African women.

Recycling in Africa has been a way of life out of necessity, and some of the most innovative, inspiring craft in Africa is made using recycled material. It was this inspiration that moved Bundubags to seek out a material that could be used to create a striking range of bags. At the same time utilising traditional African craft skills, with an aim to generate an income for the lives of over forty women living on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa

Using traditional African basket weaving skills, strips of cargo strapping are sorted, cleaned, cut, and weaved to create stylish bags. For the ordinary cargo strapping this means a new life. Now, instead of ending up in landfill somewhere, thousands of metres of brightly coloured strapping is being woven to make Bundubags. Adding to the commitment of creating a 100% African designed and made product, each bag is lined with authentic vibrant, African Shwe Shwe fabric.

Bundubags commitment to sustainability goes beyond recycling waste-bound materials. They also practice fair trade. Bundubags is run as efficiently and profitably as a company, with a strong belief in trade not aid. Each women forms part of a for profit business model and is paid a fair wage and is a shareholder in the business. Bundubags is part of a new generation of African business that believes responsible and proactive commercially viable business will change lives.


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