Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Community based seniors lifestyle and aged care provider, IRT Group, has recently launched a social recruiting campaign targeting nurses and carers in order to meet the rising demand for their services. Developed by Melbourne PR and social media agency, Ellis Jones, the WorkLife campaign uses a microsite and Facebook application linked to company communication and human resource systems.

Focus group testing of IRT nurses and care employees revealed distinct benefits of aged care in comparison to hospital nursing. Responses included:

·       "It's a leadership role. I work with a close knit team and have responsibility and the ability to achieve change. My role is diverse and challenging..."

·       "My career path is a lot more diverse than I expected.”

·       "There’s a misconception that you don't learn as much.  It’s simply not true.  With accredited training onsite, I have learned more in the first 12 months at IRT than in any other role.”

The ability to challenge negative stereotypes about aged care as a career is built into the structure of the website and the content strategy. An upcoming Facebook quiz will reveal misconceptions to participants and gather data that, combined with social media and site analytics, will add value to business improvement and marketing activity.

“The WorkLife campaign enables IRT employees to tell their peers, via their social networks, authentic stories about how both work and life can be rewarding in aged care,” said Ellis Jones Director Engagement, Kate Crawshaw.

“The employees themselves are telling this story so what candidates see is what they will get, and what the company gets is candidates who are suited to the role and workplace culture”.

Social recruitment is an emerging practice which merges the disciplines of marketing and human resources. Unlike traditional ‘head hunting’, practitioners link a standalone website to peer and industry networks on social media, building a network and establishing a unique employer brand based on useful and creative content.

“We are always looking at new ways of attracting employees because aged care is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia,” said IRT CEO, Nieves Murray. “By using social media and the microsite to target communities where staff are needed, we aim to have people working within their own communities, which is a positive outcome.”

According to Health Workforce Australia report released in May 2012, 20,000 nurses are required to meet the increasing demand for aged care services. By 2050 – one in 20 workers will be employed in the aged care industry. 

Visit the microsite:

Ellis Jones' Director Engagement, Kate Crawshaw will speak at the ACSA Northern Region Conference today about the use of social recruitment of nurses in the aged care industry, citing IRT Group's Worklife campaign as a key case study.


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