Friday, October 26th, 2012

Perth, Western Australia. October 26th 2012.
Perth based GPS Tracking Company, Myionu (pronounced ‘my eye on you’), have introduced a range of ‘pay as you use’ real-time GPS tracking products that allow users to monitor and locate people, products or property at anytime - only paying for the service when needed.

The Myionu Protector Series is aimed at users who only want to know location information on an occasional basis; for example to check on a child’s location, or to know then something (or someone) has been moved without their knowledge.

Paul Delaney, General Manager said, “Many customers have asked us to produce a system that does not involve a fixed monthly cost. They want to be able to have access to real-time tracking when they need it, without having to pay a monthly access fee.”

Users are charged just 15c for each location. The service has no monthly fees, no mobile network access cost and no minimum contract term.

Paul continues: “Myionu has used the same high quality hardware that is found in our current range, changing only the way that hardware delivers location based information. In doing this, users can upgrade their existing product at no cost to our fixed cost web based system at a later date, should they wish.”

The initial range will include a personal, vehicle and asset tracking option, all of which include a duress facility. The range powered by a rechargable battery which provides a massive 400 hour standby on a single charge. The asset and vehicle options include a wiring kit which provides constant power from the asset/vehicle’s power source (where available), whilst the personal option includes a wall charger.

All products in the Protector series are packed with safety and security features, including duress, low power and device on/off alerts, along with configurable alerts to monitor speed, non-authorised movement and entry or exit activity from selected geographical areas. Our low cost 15c per message charge within Australia is further enhanced with the ability to use the service overseas, with the inclusion of our International Roaming package. This means that locations can be sent from over 55 Countries worldwide, for just 75c each.

The system uses SMS to send back the co-ordinates (in real time), contained within a simple hyperlink to the Google mobile mapping application, allowing Smart Phone users to see the precise location and address details on a map.

Pricing is $ 299 inc GST and delivery and includes SIM card and a $ 5 credit to get you started.

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Myionu™ is a division of AffinityOne and have been supplying GPS tracking solutions in Australia since 2006 and Europe since 2002.
Paul Delaney
P: +61 423 388 411


Pay as you use GPS tracking opens up a whole new world of possibilities for safety and security.



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