Monday, October 29th, 2012
The Australian Solar Council – the national voice for Australia’s solar industry – has welcomed the Climate Change Authority's discussion paper on the Review of the Renewable Energy Target.

“This is a common sense report and in line with the recommendations we submitted to the Authority”, said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council. “The Renewable Energy Target has been an extraordinary success and must be maintained.”

“The Renewable Energy Target plays a critical role in helping Australian families cut their power bills by installing solar panels and solar hot water systems.

Already, 4 million Australians have solar on their roofs thanks to the Renewable Energy Target, and another 1.5 million Australians are likely to install solar over the next two years.”

“The Renewable Energy Target will help build many Big Solar plants in Australia over the next decade.”

The Australian Solar Council has welcomed the key recommendations of the draft report:

• That the large-scale and small-scale renewable energy schemes be maintained as is;
• The target for large-scale to remain fixed in terms of gigawatt hours to provide certainty to investors
• That the Renewable Energy Target be reviewed every four years, rather than every two years, to ensure certainty for investors;
• That the legislated monopoly for the accreditation of solar installers be opened up to competition.

The Australian Solar Council believes the Renewable Energy Target should be increased and extended over time to encourage greater investment in clean energy, to keep electricity prices down, and reduce Australia's carbon pollution.

The Australian Solar Council is concerned the Climate Change Authority is considering tinkering with the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), by potentially recommending reducing the “solar multiplier” to below one for one, and the size of systems that are covered by the small scale scheme. Tinkering can lead to unintended consequences and the Australian Solar Council will examine this issue closely.

The Australian Solar Council looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Climate Change Authority and ensuring the views of Australia’s solar industry are taken on board by the Climate Change Authority and the Australian Government.

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