Monday, December 21st, 2009

Australian electronics designer and manufacturer Redarc has launched a world-first range of battery products for carefree motoring.

Long-distance travellers - from baby boomers setting off on the trip of a lifetime, to students on a vacation adventure, to families taking a well earned break - can use the revolutionary Smart Start® to ensure they'll never run out of power while on the road.

Designed primarily for use in 4WD and recreational vehicles, the Smart Start® family of battery charging products is designed to keep your batteries in top condition and fully charged whilst protecting your vehicle battery.

Redarc Customer Service Technician Dylan Pinkard explains that the new Smart Start® range addresses a number of concerns among camper trailer, caravan and motorhome owners.  Some of these concerns include unexpected power blackouts and expensive damage caused by overcharging batteries.

“Particularly at this time of year, feedback from our customers is that they want to feel safe and enjoy the freedom of the open road without having to worry," Mr Pinkard said.

"Whether you own a camper trailer, caravan, motorhome or boat, you want a system that manages and monitors the vehicle’s battery sources and ensures they will always have power when they need it.

“There’s nothing worse than an unexpected flat battery when you’re travelling."

Mr Pinkard highlighted another problem: the need to fully charge high cost auxiliary batteries of different chemistry to the start battery.

“Over charging of batteries can lead to expensive damage and failures, subsequently limiting charge levels in future and reducing battery output. This often leads to complications during their journey including failures in critical communications systems.

“We have addressed these problems with Smart Start®.”

The Smart Start® product range incorporates the Smart Start® SBI (a micro-processor controlled battery isolator), the Smart Start® BCDC (a charger that protects your auxiliary battery) and the Smart Start® BMS (a complete battery charging and maintenance solution).

“All the products are designed and manufactured at our state-of-the art facility in South Australia and have been developed to meet the harshest conditions,” Mr Pinkard said.

REDARC is currently experiencing strong demand for its products throughout Australia

About the Smart Start® Range

The Redarc Smart Start® SBI is a microprocessor-controlled battery isolator designed for use in multi-battery applications. It protects the start battery from excessive discharge, while allowing the auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads.

Designed primarily for use in 4WD and commercial vehicles, it is available in four models: 12V DC or 24V DC incorporating 100A or 200A continuous ratings.

Benefits include: compact and easy to install, cost-effective protection against a flat battery, silver contacts for longer life, power saving technology, fault indication, fully surge protected and 2-year warranty.

The Redarc Smart Start® BCDC1220 DC/DC 12V 20A Multi Stage battery charging system is designed to charge your auxiliary/house batteries, from your vehicle, to their optimum levels. It will operate from a wide operating range (9 – 32V) making it suitable for installations where voltage drop is an issue, as well as giving the option of charging from both 12V and 24V vehicle systems.

Benefits include: compact and easy to install, saves money by maximising battery life, suitable for harsh and marine environments, ensures you won’t have a flat battery, and provides safety and security.

The Redarc Smart Start® Battery Management System (BMS) is a “five-product-in-one” complete battery charging and maintenance solution for recreational automotive and marine applications. It incorporates AC, DC and solar inputs to achieve the best charge to a house battery in your caravan or camper trailer. It also includes a remote control designed to give you battery information and charge status along with critical system information when charging is in progress.

Benefits include optimum charging of house batteries, saves money by reducing installation time and extending battery life, requires no input from user, quiet and extremely reliable, tested and certified for extreme conditions.

For more information go to or call 08-8322 4848.

For media inquiries please contact Dylan Pinkard at Redarc on 08-8322 4848.

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Redarc is family owned and based in Adelaide, South Australia employing more than 50 staff. Founded in 1979, Redarc is involved in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic equipment including voltage converters, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, turbo timers, glow plug timers, trailer braking products and custom electronics.
Dylan Pinkard, Marketing Coordinator
P: 08 8322 4848


With thousands of grey nomads, students and families setting out on long road trips this holiday season, Redarc's new Smart Start® range gives peace of mind that you won't run out of power on the road!


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