Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Did you know the moon could be mined because it has rare metal deposits such as yttrium, lanthanum and helium-3? This is just one interesting fact you can find on general interests website answersaplenty.com.

For those who are fascinated in science and technology or for those who just want to impress friends at the next dinner party with their knowledge, Answers Aplenty have this particular topic covered by dedicating a whole section on their website.

Tech and science questions range from what is the windiest planet in the solar system, how many tonnes of CO2 are released by the transportation sector each year to what is the international dialling code of Nauru, preparing you for all those up and coming trivia nights.

Answers Aplenty offer simple and concise answers without any of the scientific or technological jargon normally linked to facts when searching for tech and science related questions.

Answers Aplenty do not just cater to one particular subject, they have many quirky and fascinating facts covering a range of topics including history and politics, show biz, the Olympics, health and many more.

Answers Aplenty is a quick and easy website to manoeuvre around with each category clearly marked out allowing quick access to the chosen topic.

Unlike many search engines where questions can be misinterpreted or where you are given many different answers, which you then have to navigate around to find the one you are searching for; Answers Aplenty give you a quick and easy option of typing in a question, which is located on their website and getting a definitive answer right away.

This general interests website is designed to appeal to everyone, including those who are not particularly tech savvy, while also expanding the reader’s knowledge on peculiar facts and figures.

To find many more interesting trivia visit answersaplenty.com.


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Answersaplenty.com is a general interests website who provide quirky and interesting facts to the public.The website is quick and easy to move around and cover facts from a range of topics.
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