Friday, October 26th, 2012
The CEOs of 480 Australian and New Zealand companies were recently asked ‘Are you prepared for 2013 and beyond?’ With many CEOs now looking to the future for growth, the focus is on the sales leader and how they will deliver results in the years ahead.

As company sales forces are often the primary source of revenue generation, a subset of questions put to CEOs about their preparedness for 2013 and beyond provides some valuable insight into sales leaders’ ability to deliver. The research study and survey not only show how sales leaders are responding to directives from their CEOs but also denote some disturbing trends within sales organizations. There is a definite chasm between the expectations held by CEOs and sales leaders’ capability to deliver.

Six Compelling Facts from the Research

1. Only 32% of respondents have developed sales strategies for the coming 12 months and just 12% of respondents have developed sales strategies beyond that time period.
2. 16% of sales leaders believe they will not deliver on sales goals in the current 12-month period.
3. 57% of sales leaders refused to respond to the sales force effectiveness component of the survey at the request of their CEO, demonstrating the concerns many CEOs have about sales leadership.

Of those sales leaders participating:

4. 67% of sales leaders were unable to cite the base categories that contribute to sales force effectiveness
5. only 5% of sales leaders ranked themselves in self-analysis as ‘best performers’, with 64% being ranked as ‘poor performers’
6. sales leaders planned a maximum of four changes in the past year, of which only two were achieved (Of those planned changes, none was delivered on time and only one of the changes made was measured.)

Based on the results from this research study, CEOs are right to be concerned and need to take immediate remedial action in this important contributor to their business.

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