Saturday, October 27th, 2012
FOUR months after his surf ski was bitten through by a shark off Mullaloo Beach, Western Australia, Martin Kane has given it to Cicerello’s Fremantle.

Miraculously escaping the 3.5m shark’s clutches himself – thanks to quick-thinking friends in his paddling group who brought him to shore – his Interceptor ski now hangs from the popular restaurant’s ceiling above diners.

“It’s fantastic it’s found a home,” the 62-year-old said. “We did have it down at Mullaloo Surf Lifesaving Club but it scared the kids a bit from going into the water.

“It’s kind of apt it’s now in a place that serves up fish as food for a living.”

Cicerello’s has given Mullaloo Surf Lifesaving Club a $1000 donation as a token of its appreciation.

General manager Nick Unmack said the surf ski tied in with the venue’s overall ocean theme, joining another ski attacked by a shark in a similar incident 15 years ago.

“Former St Kilda footballer Brian Sierakowski and his friend Barney Hanrahan escaped from a 5m white pointer, which attacked their double surf-ski off Cottesloe Beach,” he said.

“The bite marks on Martin’s ski are eerily similar and both attacks occurred about the same time of the morning.

“We have about 40,000 people through our doors each month and about 8000 students a year on school tours so we like to have interesting features with good stories behind them.”

Mr Kane says, as time goes by, he is gradually getting over the trauma of almost being taken by a shark.

“I still feel a bit of trepidation when I go paddling,” he said. “On one hand, I see the weather conditions and think I’d love to get out into the ocean but then another part of me knows killers – sharks – could be in the water.

“When it happened, I didn’t experience any panic; it was more shock and resigning myself to the fact my life was over.”

Originally, Mr Kane thought a dolphin was circling him but knew it was a shark when he saw its dorsal fin.

“It took the surf ski into the air and I fell backwards in the water,” he said. “I climbed on to the back of my friend Dale’s surf ski and then two mates flanked us in a duck formation as we tried to get to shore.

“All I could see was a black dorsal fin going around my ski.

“The scariest bit after we got to shore wasn’t thinking about how a shark nearly got me – it was how I was going to tell my wife.

“When I rang her, she instantly knew something had happened before I even told her.”

Mr Kane’s damaged ski paddle was later spotted and retrieved by a friend, who alerted the Department of Fisheries to the shark’s presence.

Cicerello’s general manager Nick Unmack, left, with Martin Kane in front of his ski paddle from the shark attack, now taking pride of place in the restaurant.

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